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Japan attack on Pearl Harbor

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Q: Which of the Following events helped provoke the US to enter World War 2?
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What events helped provoke the united states to enter World War 1?

germany attempting to from a military alliance with mexico

What events helped provoke the United states to enter the world war 1?

Germany attempting to from a military alliance with Mexico

What event helped provoke the US to enter world war1?

sinking of lusitania

What helped provoke the US to enter World War 1?

Two of them might be the Zimmerman telegram and the sinking of the Lusitania

What event helped provoke the US to enter world war 1?

There are two primary causes for the US entering World War I. First and foremost is the sinking of the Lustitania and Unrestricted Submarine Warfare. The concept of Unrestricted Submarine Warface (USW) was that any ship, flying anyflag, neutral country or not, around the coast of the United Kingdom would be treated as a warship, and promptly attacked. When the Lusitania was sunk in 1914: roughly 120 American civilians were killed. Afterwords, Germany suspended USW until 1917. In 1917 Germany resumed USW, after repeated warnings from the US that it would mean War.The second reason is the Zimmerman Telegram, sent to Mexico on Germany's behalf. It promised German support if Mexico would open a domestic front and invade the US, should it come to war. Naturally, the citizenry was outraged.

What events helped provoke US to enter world war?

The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on 12-7-41 was the event that provoked the Congress and Senate to vote the next day for declaring war on the Japanese. I am sure that is one of the options on your homework question.

What events helped set the stage for the civil rights movement?

world war 2

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Events? Favorite things? How are you? What are you doing? I see you.. IDk :)) Stuff like that questions, world events? Hope I helped!

What three events helped make the US world power?

world war2 industrial revolution cold war or world war1

What provoke the start of world war 1?

Bad grammar.

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