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I only have personal evidence with my "N" and I would have to say there have been many times where she has had the uncanny ability to read me, it's kind of spooky. I have often wondered if it is because they can be so hyper-sensitive. I'm glad someone else out there has had this experience.

AnswerI have to concur with one of the respondants regarding a woman's uncanny ability to read people. I have this in spades, but I have zero Narcissistic tendancies - in fact, I am too nice which is how I attracted an N into my life in the first place. My ability to read (as a woman) is in part physiological - women have a 'much' larger corpus callosum (a great band of deeply situated transverse white fibers uniting the two halves of the cerebrum in humans and other mammals). This enables women to read people far better than men because we are receiving far more data/info. from our environment and processing it quicker and more comprehensively than men can.

In addition to this, our brains are trained to protect children (and others that are helpless) therefore this causes us to take in more info. as well. Then there is life experience which makes all of us wiser about our fellow mankind. There are lots of explanations for this ability that are not necessarily Narcissistic. Having said all that, my N was BRILLIANT in his ability to know exactly what people wanted/needed at any given moment. He would use this information to manipulate the situation or take control of it. He was exceptional. BUT he was only good at this when it came to HIS agenda. When it came to 'another' persons feelings, he had zero ability to empathize. It was a strange mix.

AnswerNarcissistic people are clever, but no more so than many people, it's just that they "people watch" more and use the weakeness of others to their advantage. They are sneaky and lower than a snake's belly. Narcissists have a high ego, everything is about them, they can be curt to a point of rudeness and have absolutely no patience for what they consider (in their own minds) an unintelligent individuals. They will pray on people that can be controlled easily and are people-pleasers. If you fight back the fight is on simply because the narcissist realizes they don't have total control and the game is on! They want to gain that control. Either way the mate of that person can never win. The only way out of such a relationship is to walk out. Most narcissists refuse counseling because they think they are fine and everyone else is not. AnswerTo the poster who's narcissistic mate seems to know more about him to the point it's uncanny. Most women are like this whether they are narcissistic or not. Perhaps women are made this way because they will be raising children. Women seem to know before the doctor (in many cases) when their child(ren) are sick. They also know if there is something wrong with their spouse or perhaps a relative or friend. Of course living with the person even makes it more true because we simply get use to each other. I can be in another part of the house and yell down to my husband, "Quit drinking the milk out of the carton!" A few minutes later he will ask me how I knew. I really don't know how I know he's doing it at that particular time. Perhaps it's because I've known him for 39 years and been married to him for 34 of those years. Many of us don't realize that the main things in our being is sight, sound and taste and of course our basic instincts. I have even felt something wasn't quite right with a friend and out of the blue given them a phone call and sure enough they are sick or on two occasions their spouse said they were in ER. Most women simply have instincts so it's just not the narcissists.

Most of us just get on with our lives and don't realize we have more basic instincts than we give ourselves credit for. Even men have it, but most never clue into it. For example: If men are in the armed forces (especially Army) and are out on patrol their instincts have been fine-tuned to the point that their hair will stand up on the back of their neck or they feel different and realize there is danger somewhere close to them. Women always seem to have it, but it comes into play when someone such as a narcissistic partner is "zeroed in" on another's emotions. Most of us are too busy to pay too much attention to many things going on in our lives.

its in their mindAlot of how they read people is not so much they can do it but how they convince you that they can read your mind, tell what you are thinking and bragging how they get their own way. They intimidate you into thinking they are psychic. They cant really read your mind unless you give yourself away or react to his manipulations. Then they figure out your vulnerabilities and maniplate you that way. Its all in the way YOU respond. They can only "read" you if you let them. You have to look inside yourself and decide you will not fall prey to charm and manipulations. Suspect anything he suggests no matter how inocous it seems. Do not respond. Do not show emotion. Dont glance at him. If you must associate then be neutral, polite and DISTANT as if he is a stranger. Otherwise just act as if he is not there. He does not exist. This will disarm him and he wont be able to figure you out or "read" what you are thinking. All he feels is emptiness and worthlessness which is what he really is. new answerNarcissists do not have one up on a non N. They are the ones that look foolish, because if you are aware and learned in the Narcissistic bahaviors, you are the one that knows that extra something about them, and see it for what it really is, foolishness.
2011-09-13 11:05:33
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Q: What evidence is there that a narcissist possesses an exceptional ability to read people and uses the knowledge to his advantage?
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