What exactly is a "go phone"?

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"Go Phone" is an AT&T cell phone. The Go Phone is an inexpensive cell phone with pay as you go service.

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Q: What exactly is a "go phone"?
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What exactly is a go phone is it a pay as you go phone?

A go phone is a pay as you go mobile phone service. You purchase a regular phone, and you will pay for the minutes on a monthly basis, without signing a contract.

What exactly is a smartphone & should I own one?

If you are wondering what exactly is a smartphone and you really want to go buy one, then a smart phone is a phone that can do all kinds of things like texting, web, music, games, and other accessories.

Can you track an AT and T phone?

Yes. All of the phone companies know exactly what you have texted on your phone.

What exactly is a Nokia 6300 phone?

The Nokia 6300 phone is a very sleek phone. This phone has a lot of features that the average user does not need. This phone has a lot of computer technology.This phone can be used as a mp 3 player. You can also go online and download video clips.This is perfect for the business man.

How exactly does a secure phone line work compared to a traditional phone line?


Can a go phone sim card go into a at phone?

no. a go phones sim is programed for the go phone. no the actual at&t phone.

How exactly to get Mandy's phone on toonix?

i think its in the electronic store

How does an att go phone work?

An AT&T Go Phone is a prepaid phone that you buy phone cards for and add talking time to your account. There is no contract for a Go Phone.

You got an att phone and you were wondering if you can use it for tmobile?

Not normally no. You normally have to go and get a phone from those companies before you can get a contract from them. Im not exactly sure about Tmobiles requirements, but for other places you normally can't do it. So i would go and find out the requirements of Tmobile.

What should you do when your phone is hacked?

go to you phone opperater or go to your cell phone place

Exactly how can you change your home phone number?

Call your local phone company and they will give you a new one.

How do you retrieve your phone number?

go to settings and then go to about phone

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