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What exactly is a queen?

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# Female Sovereign of a Kingdom. # Wife of a King. # Male homosexual who dresses flamboyantly # Piece on a Chess board that can move more freely than all of the others.

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How did Mary feel about being queen?

Well, how would you feel if you were crowned queen? Exactly. So, get a life!

What was queen elizabeths relationship to shakespeare?

She was the Queen; he was a subject. It was exactly the same relationship as she had with everyone else in England.

Did Queen Elizabeth 2 inherit leadership?

Yes exactly.

How long exactly did Queen Victoria keep the throne?

64 yrs

Was Queen Victoria queen of Ireland?

Not exactly. There have been several changes to the political structure of the UK through history, with consequent changes to the official title of the monarch. Queen Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

How many miles from Las Vegas to Queen Creek AZ?

Answer: Exactly 283.6 miles.

Was queen Cleopatra really a man?

Hardly. She had four children which is not exactly a masculine capability.

How does the queen move in checkers?

i assume you mean the king. and it is exactly the same but it can move backwards

How much TVs does Queen Elizabeth have?

Seventy hundred eleventy ten televisions exactly.

Who is Queen Elizebeth 2's mother?

The mothe of Queen Elizebeth the II was also called Elizebeth and was named after marridge Queen Elizebeth the queen mother so no one could get confused with fer daughter.Queen Elizabeth mother was exactly like Queen E lizabeth the II.

Who was new jersey named after?

Um I'm not exactly sure. But Maryland was named after queen Hareit I think.

What is the name of the ship you have to get on in Megaman battle network 5?

Queen Bohemia (not sure if its spelled exactly right)

How long did Queen Victoria wear black?

Queen Victoria wore black for exactly 40 years her husband died in 1861 and she died in 1901, queen Victoria wore black as a memory of her husband until the day she died.

What is the probability of getting a queen and a heart?

The probability of getting the queen of hearts is 1 in 52, or about 0.01923. The probability of getting any queen is 4 in 52, or about 0.07692. The probability of getting any heart is 13 in 52, or exactly 0.25.

What exactly does Lady Gaga mean?

` The name "Lady Gaga" comes from the Queen song "Radio Ga-Ga"

Who speaks 9 languages?

Personally I do not know who speaks exactly 9 languages, but the Queen of England speaks 12.

What is Selena Gomez mattress size?

I don't exactly know but she's and actor so probably king or queen.

Was Queen Victoria queen of southern Ireland?

Not exactly. What you refer to as southern Ireland, did not come into existence until 1922, when Northern Ireland also came into existence. That was in 1922. Queen Victoria died in 1901. She was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. So that would have included all of Ireland.

How many years has queen Victoria been dead for now?

110 years, 3 months and 12 days exactly

What was Diana Princess of Wales while married to Charles?

Not exactly sure what you mean by "what" she was...obviously a Princess. Future Queen of England!

Does a lion pride have king?

in real life the prides have leaders or main lions and lionesses but they are not exactly like a king and queen

Why was Cleopatra the last queen?

Cleopatra was not exactly the last queen of Egypt. There were modern kings and they had wives so their wives would be queens. However Cleopatra was the last queen of ancient Egypt. Her dynasty ended upon her death and Rome took over the country, abolishing the monarchy.

Was Cleopatra the last queen of Egypt?

Not exactly. Cleopatra was the last woman to rule as queen. In the early nineteenth century Egypt became ruled by the Mohammad Ali Dynasty, and although the rulers were kings, they had wives who were queens.

How many wings does a ant have?

Exactly the same amount of brain cells you have... None Unless you're talking about the queen ant. Then, you have two.

Why is the queen bee in charge?

The queen bee isn't exactly "in charge", she's just the single point of failure for the colony, so the other bees protect her. With no queen, there are no new eggs, which means the colony will eventually die off unless a new queen is produced. (Bees can produce a new queen by feeding a larva with a substance called royal jelly, which causes the larva to develop into a fertile queen rather than a sterile worker.)