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"An orange sim means nothing, but an Orange SIM card is a pay as you go type of card. Orange is a mobile phone service company, and according to their website, a sim card is free."

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What are the benefits of a SIM card from Orange?

There are many benefits of a SIM card from Orange such as receiving up to 4 Orange sim cards totally free of cost. After signing up for Orange sim card, you will instantly receive a five pound credit on your card!

Can you put an o2 sim card into an orange phone?

well it is not possible but if you check with orange you could get an o2 sim in an orange phone

What is the price of a sim card for the Orange 3G?

Orange 3g is a network that is used to provide phone and internet in the UK. The SIM card you are going to need will vary with the phone you are using. Orange offers SIM cards with min plans for about $25. This price is for the SIM card used in the iPhone. If you have an iPhone 4 Orange also offers their micro SIM, which is smaller than a standard SIM for the same price

Can you put an Orange SIM into an Orange Blackberry Pearl bought from eBay?

If the phone is locked to Orange, then yes, you should be able to use an Orange SIM. You will need to add a Blackberry add-on to the SIM in order to use features like push email and BBM

What is an orange SIM card used for?

An Orange SIM card is a necessary accessory for Orange brand cellphones. The card allows cellphone users to call, text, and transmit and receive data.

How do you become a sim?

Simply make a Sim that looks exactly like you. C;

Can the rio phone be on a different tarrif than orange?

No. As it is manufactured by Orange it will work with an Orange SIM only.

How do you get your number up on the rio orange?

when you get your orange sim card it should say somewhere on the sim card pack. Failing that, I personally keep a contact with my own number ON the sim card, so that i can get to it no matter what phone it is in.

Are orange rio's from argos locked?

Yes Orange Rio's from Argos are locked with a Orange sim. You can unlock the phone in a shop

How do you register your orange SIM card?

Go to your service provider or a certain web page/site or Orange

Can you put a virgin sim card into an orange model phone?

can you put a virgin simcard into a orange phone

What does orange mean in French?

exactly as it means in english: the color orange or the fruit orange

Can I buy an orange sim card online?

Yes, you can buy Orange SIM cards online. You can buy them directly from Orange and get one free right now at http://freesim.orange.co.uk/. You can also usually find them for sale online at Amazon, which is http://www.amazon.com.

Can you use other Sim cards in orange phones?

If the phone is locked by Orange you will not be able to use it on other Networks.

Does an orange sim card work in an iphone?

if you bought if with orange or have jailbroken and unlocked it then yes is should work fine.

What are Orange SIM cards used for?

Orange SIM cards are used almost exclusively in Europe and some of the United Kingdom and are considered to be the American equivalent of a credit card with a cash back rewards program.

How much do orange SIM cards cost?

Free. You just need to order a free sim on the web and top it up with your own money!

Can i put an orange sim which is on contract in an unlocked iPhone 5?

Assuming the SIM card is the correct size for the iPhone (ie not a micro SIM) - there's no reason why not. Since you say it's unlocked - it should accept any networks SIM card.

How do you activate a SIM card illegally?

You can't,its impossible unless you take it to a 3,vodophone,orange mobile shop or whoever the sim card is with,hope this helps !

When you buy a phone from orange do you get to keep your old phone number?

yes you can al you have to do is ring up orange or put your old sim in your new phone ( if it accepts orange sims and your done

Can you put orange sim into o2 phone?

Yes, aslong as the phone is unlocked to any network.

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