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You don't say if you are overweight or not, but don't be too concerned if you are not curvy. Just exercise to build muscles and get some aerobics. Everything will turn out just fine.

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Can a Straight woman love a gay man?

Yes, but this will only end badly for the woman.

Why is sunblock needed?

Sunblock is needed otherwise harmful UV rays will damage our skin badly and it can cause sunburn and skin cancer.

Why were slaves treated badly if they were valuable cargo?

they thought that slaves were just needed to be servants

What are the effects of rat poison if eaten by a dog?

It can poison them pretty badly i think. Take him straight to a vet!

What features of mesopotamia geography forced the sumerians to trade?

they needed wood and eventually they had to trade their surplus for it and other things they didn't have but needed badly.

Why did Hitler invade Ukraine?

The Ukraine was a Soviet territory, and it was on the way to badly-needed oil reserves.

Why do muscles need to be warmed up before exercise?

because you can pull a muscle and strain them and you will cramp up really badly

Why was the Louisiana purchase important to France?

because france just had a war and they needed money really badly

What did the colonists do to prevent being disarmed?

The colonists obtained badly needed cannons and a huge supply of ammunition

Can you go swimming after skinning your knee at track Its badly skinned hurts when straight or bent to a certain point?

yes but be careful

Why was Napoleon Bonaparte willing to sell the Louisianna Territory to the US?

To collect money he badly needed for the war against Great Britain and he no longer needed it He no longer needed a base in North America - Apexs

What may happen if you do not warm up your muscles before exercise?

if you do not stretch before working out you can pull a muscle or cramp up really badly

How do you make your shoes stink badly?

Wear them without socks, for three days straight, without removing them. After that, when you remove your shoes, they will stink.

How much does it cost for a broken bone?

It all depends on which bone and how badly it is broken and the amount of physical therapy needed.

How did European officers aid America in the revolutionary war?

They sent badly needed funds, supplies, and troops to America

What caused the battle of kettle creek?

the war was important to Georgia because they took weapons that where badly needed by the British

Why did Hitler make the Jews work before they died?

Because Germany was at war. They needed labor and supplies badly.

Find the abstract noun What if your attendance is badly needed?

The abstract noun is attendance, a word for the act of being present.

Can you lose weight by walking thirdy minutes everyday?

Depends on how much you're eating. If you're eating sensibly, then 30 minutes of exercise will help some. But if you're overeating badly no amount of exercise can make you lose weight.

What was the purpose of a naval blockade?

To prevent the South from importing the war supplies it badly needed, having no manufacturing industry of its own.

What are the comparative and superlative of badly?

more badly, most badly

What are the comparative and superlative for badly?

more badly, most badly

Is there any cure for diabeties?

Well, sort of... If you catch it early enough, and you don't have it too badly, then it can be reversed with (sometimes extreme) changes in diet and exercise habits.

What are rainsticks used for?

Rainsticks for centuries have been used in ceremonial rituals by various groups to bring rain to badly needed areas.

Who is the Chinese singer in Rush Hour 2?

He was one of the crew, and they needed some one to sing the Karaoke really badly and he volunteered.