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Go to any Wal-Mart and pick up the DVD "Pick Your Spot Polaties". I swear by it. Trust me, I have thunder thighs and it helped to do the 10 min belly, 10 min butt & 10 min thighs.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-17 03:10:24
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Q: What exercise will get rid of saddle bags?
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Where can someone go to get Harley Davidson saddle bags?

A company called Adventure Harley sells many different types of saddle bags. This company sells both leather saddle bags as well as external lids and covers for saddle bags.

How are the saddle bags rigged on the McClellan of 1865?

The army saddle bags have a slit or slot on either side. This slot fits over a raised metal bar anchored to the back of the Mcclellan saddle by two screws. A small leather strap slips under each metal bar to keep the saddle bags anchored to the saddle.

What does a cowboy use?

Saddle and horse equipment, saddle bags, blanket, lasso, spurs, guns.

How do you get rid of bags under my eyes?

'''if you want to get rid of bags from your eyes then sleep earl^^)'''

Carradice overlander saddle bags which year made?

in 225-420

How can bags under your eyes go?

There are many remedies to getting rid of bags. The whole reason people put cucumber on their eyes is to get rid of bags. putting moisturiser is best.

How do you get rid of eye bags?


How do you get rid of bags?

get some SLEEP

How do you get items out of you horse's saddle bags on harvest moon ds cute?

You can't.

How do you attach toss-over saddle bags?

You "toss" them over the seat or rear fender. This last guy is obviously not a biker or losing saddle bags at regular intervals. Toss overs still need to be secured.

Does tea bags get rid of under eyes bags?

Well, if you place the tea bags over your eye bags, it hides them pretty well.

How do you get rid of bags from your eyes?

get some sleep

Can you remove the back seat saddle bags and visor from a 1988 Yamaha venture royal?

Yes, you may remove the back seat saddle bags and visor from a 1988 Yamaha. You will need to unscrew the bolts attached to the back seat and visor.

How do you get rid of arm cellulite?

You can rid cellulite by doing exercise.

How do you get rid of concentrated lactic acid?

We can get rid by doing exercise

How do you get rid of morning bags under your eyes?

Hi, To get rid of these bags under your eyes try using: Tea bags (warmed) or Cucumber (thin layers sliced) I hope this helps, cause I use this method and it works for me

How do you get rid of under eye bags?

Easy n best way to get rid of eye bags: put used tea bags in freezer for about half an hour then put those on ur eyes for 10-15min. Carry this treatment till u get rid off. Its really affective

How do you get rid of fat legs?

by exercise

How do you get rid of flabby fat?


Where can one purchase Harley Davidson bags for their bike?

You can purchase Harley Davidson bags for your bike at VikingBags or T-Bags. Another option is buy Harley Davidson bags from eBay. Motorcycle saddle bags can hold extra clothing, drinks, snacks and for example a cellphone.

What is equivalent to western saddle horn on English saddle?

There is no equivalent to a saddle horn on an English saddle. The English saddle has no horn to any equivalent. The Western saddle was made for the cowboys, who needed something to help anchor the rope to after roping a cow. This is where the Western saddle was invented, designed for comfort for long days of hard riding in the saddle, and for usefulness, which is why it has all the little straps to tie things to, perfect room for saddle bags and such, and with the saddle horn having the direct purpose of dallying the rope. The English saddle was not used by cowboys, and therefore, there was no use for a saddle horn, so there is nothing there.

How do you get rid of planters warts?

remove bags under eyes

How do you get rid of cold sores fast?

ice and tea bags

How can you get rid of bags under eyes?

You can use a conseller or put lemons on your eye's to get rid of the black bags under your eyes,CAUTION: watch the lemon juice dont sting your eyes!

What sprite do you get for putting something in your horse's saddle bags on harvest moon ds cute?

You should get Kevin.