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Having well defined abs is the Holy Grail of fitness for many people. It's a tough pursuit, but it is definitely possible with hard work and dedication. There are two essential components to building great abs: Exercise and Nutrition.

Exercise: There are hundreds of variations of the "crunch" and these can easily be incorporated into your exercise program. However, one of the best overall core exercises is the Plank. There are several variations of this as well. I've heard many trainers say that you can work ab muscles every day. At a minimum, you'll need to do a solid ab routine three times per week.

That said, no matter how many crunches and planks that you do, you will never have well defined abs without great nutrition. There is a saying among trainers, "Abs are built in the kitchen, not the gym." It's true. You need to get to a low body fat percentage to get those ab muscles to show.

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Q: What exercises can i do and how often do i have to do them to get abbs?
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