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As you cannot do squats, the next best is kickbacks. If these also give you problems then simple squeeze-hold repeated routines will help.

2007-12-07 10:36:12
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If you have bad knees what other exercises besides squats and lunges can work your butt?

split squats

What are exercises to burn belly fat without using bad knees?

You can lie down and do crunches.

Is cycling bad for knees?

I think it is good for the knees

How do i make my butt smaller?

Well if your a girl and you are thin , having a bigger butt is not bad , same goes for men , but if u wana go through with it , i suggest you do butt crunches , you flex your butt for 2 seconds and then release , and repeat this , its like an exercise

Is getting a butt injection good or bad?

It is bad for you. And illegal. Not fda appoved. And alot of times be deadly. It is still practised illegally in the usa but if u were to find someone that does it it will not benifit you in the long run .Your body naturally creates antibodies for any foreign substance put into it. Thus it may look great and your butt will become bigger in the big inning but in the end because of the antibodies your body creates to dispose of the foreign substance will cause it to become lumpy . You will have lumps in your butt. Brazillion butt lift is a legal way and safe way to have a bigger butt

Does running hurt bad knees?

Yes. If you have bad knees, it may be a good idea to consult your doctor before going on a run.

Is cracking your neck bad for you?

cracking your butt is bad

Is it bad to touch a girls butt?

It is bad to touch a girl's butt, if it is done on purpose and the girl doesn't consent to the touch.

With bad knees what kind of cardio can you do?

swimming is the best

Is running bad for your heart?

It is primarily damaging to the knees.

How can i exercise with bad knees?

Try swimming as an exercise.

Are Fitness flip flops safe for someone with bad knees?

Flip-flops are perfectly suitable footwear for people with bad knees, providing they are walking on suitably flat or firm ground. So called fit-flops are designed not for people with bad knees but to tone the buttocks when walking.

What cardio exercises can you do with a bad back?


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Does mark harmon have bad knees?

He and his character Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS has bad knees. He always takes the stairs up and elevators down and he even talks about it multiple times on the show. In the episode Childs Play - the little girl Angela asks him why he does so and he explains that he has bad knees.

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No it isn't, Chicken butt is just a ........ chicken butt! LIke I could say your a chicken butt! But it wouldn't mean anything

What exercise burns the most calories for bad knees?


Does tom Selleck have bad knees or flat feet?


What is the healthiest fitness equipment i.e. Heard treadmills bad for knees?

i dunno the healthiest fitness equipment but I do know that treadmills are not bad for your knees unless you run on them too much

A scavenger with a bad reputation?

a butt bug

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Yes it is

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Is squatting everyday bad for your knees?

Doing squats can help your knees, but it depends on how much weight you are carrying when lifting whether its hard on them or not.

Is jumping rope bad for your knees?

no, jumping rope is a excellent exercise