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What exercises should you do to slim your legs and ankles?


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2005-07-15 01:13:30
2005-07-15 01:13:30

I'm NOT sure about your ankles, but I'm 16 and I play softball AND basketball. The best leg toners that I know are calve stretches. Put your hands, and TIPS of toes on the ground, and put your butt in the air. Take ONE of your legs, and stretch it around the calve of your leg. The higher your butt is in the air, the better. I see results in less than 5 days, and you'll have SEXY me! Oh, and when your doing them, flex your leg muscles, this should also help you out


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There are several cardiovascular exercises that can be used to slim the legs. It is best to do the ones that directly use your legs the most such as jogging, power walking, or aerobic classes.

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the jeans are too slim for that persons style, cutting the ankles gives the slim fit jeans more of a straight-leg fit look

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Look into Buying P90x or Insanity.

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The exercises that can tone your waist include abdominal exercises, knee twists, abs exercises, and interval walking schedules while diet foods for a slim belly fat ainclude almonds and other nuts.

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