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The line had been drawn in the sand after the Sudentenland. France and the UK had said no to Germany about Poland. Germany crossed the line and WW-II was started in Europe.

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Q: What factors brought about the end of the appeasement policy in Britain and France?
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What was the policy of appeasement in the 1930s between France and Britain called?

why did France and britiain choose the policy of appeasement

What did Britain and France try on Hitler in 1938?


Which countries adopted the policy of appeasement?

Britain and France

What was the outcome of britain and france policy appeasement?

It failed

How did britain and france try to prevent war with germany?


What two countries failed at appeasement with Hitler?

Britain and France.

Who had the policy of appeasement towards Hitler's government?

Britain and France

Who did Britain and France submit to when following the policy of appeasement?

Germany .

What was it called when Britain and France were trying to avoid war?

Appeasement .

Was Britain and France appeasement reasonable?

According to some, appeasement was reasonable because Great Britain and France were in no shape to fight another war with Germany. The only other option was appeasement, which allowed Germany to take control of the Sudetenland. Some say that it encouraged Germany to demand even more, but to most officials in France and Great Britain, appeasement was the most reasonable solution.

What policy did Britain and France adopt toward Hitler before World War 2?

AppeasementThe policy of appeasement.

What policy did Britain and France follow against Fascist aggression?


Why did Britain and France follow the policy of appeasement?

Because they got told to :)

How did Britain and France know the appeasement failed?

When Germany invaded Poland

When Britain and France adopted a policy of appeasement against Germany?


Why did Great Britain and France abandon their policy of appeasement?

As soon as German troops invaded Poland, appeasement was no longer possible.

Why did Britain and France abondon their policy of appeasment?

Appeasement simply didn't work . . . in fact, appeasement made the situation worse.

What policy did Britain and France apply toward hitlers aggression?

A policy of appeasement.

What policy did Britain and France initially adopt in response to Germany aggression?


How the appeasement policy of Britain and France led to Second World War?

It didn't. World War II would have happened even if appeasement hadn't been offered by Britain and France because Hitler wanted to dominate Europe.

By giving in to Hitler's demand Britain and France had established a policy of what?

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but the way Britain and France gave in to Hitler's demands was called Appeasement.

Who should be held responsible for the failure of the appeasement policy?

Great Britain and France are solely responsible for the appeasement policy and its failure to prevent WWII.

With respect to German aggression in the 1930s Britain and France generally followed a policy of?


How did France and Britain respond to fascist aggression during the 1930s?

they pursued a policy of appeasement

How did Great Britain and France react to Germany's actions in the Rhineland Austria and Czechoslovakia?