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The element scandium belongs to the group/family 3, also known as the scandium family.

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Q: What family does the element scandium belong to?
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What family does terbium belong to?

What family does the element Terbium belong to? What family does the element Terbium belong to?

What is the names of the element scandium family members?

The elements under the scandium family are as follows: ► scandium ► yttrium ► lanthanum ► actinium

Is scandium a pure element?

Yes, scandium is a pure element.

Is scandium is a magnetic element?

Scandium is not a magnetic chemical element.

What element family does phosphorus belong in?

it belong in the nitrogen family

What family from the periodic table does scandium belong to?

Scandium is considered a transition metal; group 3, period 4 in the periodic table of Mendeleev.

What family members does the element scandium have?

Sc, Y, Lu, Lw

Your element belongs to the family?

What family does Neon belong to?What family does Neon belong to?

What are the elements of scandium?

Scandium is, itself, an element and so there are no elements of scandium.

Why scandium is not a transition element?

There is no sensible answer to the question because scandium IS a transition element.

What does scandium and terbium means?

Scandium is element 21, and terbium is element 65.

What element family does the element cobalt belong to?

non-metal family

What element doesn't belong to a family?

Hydrogen does not belong to any family of elements.

Which family does the element Osmium belong?

The element Osmium belongs to the Greek family.

What element family does the element plutonium belong to?

Plutonium is a member of the actinoids family.

What element family does the element samarium belong to?


What element family does einsteinium belong to?

Actinides family

Which family does the element lead belong to?

carbon family

What element family does GE belong to?

it belongs to a family

What are the strength and weaknesses of scandium?

Scandium is a very rare and expensive element. Scandium, scandium alloys and scandium compounds has important applications in science and technology.

Is scandium a transition element?

Yes, scandium is a transition metal.

What is scandium's weakness?

Scandium is an extremely rare and expensive element.

Is scandium man-made?

Scandium is a natural chemical element.

What group does scandium belongs to?

Scandium is a group 3 element.

What period on the table is scandium?

Scandium is a period 4 element.