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Q: What famous building was built during the mughal empire?
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What religion was developed during the Mughal Empire?

Muslim religion was developed in the mughal empire.

The taj mahal was built during what empire in India?

The Taj Mahal was built during the Mughal Empire in India.

The Taj Mahal was built during what empire?

The Mughal empire

Who dominated south Asia during the ottoman empire?

The Mughal Empire

Why did military campaigns during the Mughal Empire depend on the weather?

military compaigns of mughal

How the mughal power expanded during the reign of Jahangir?

Jahangir was son of Akbar. He was the forth king of Mughal Empire. But under him the mughal empire did not win any major territory.

What was the previous name of Chittagong?

Islamabad...during the Mughal empire

When was Mughal Empire created?

Mughal Empire was created in 1526.

When did Mughal Empire end?

Mughal Empire ended in 1857.

What are the achievements of the Mughal Empire?

During the reign of the Mughal Empire, there were many achievements, changes and influences. Some major achievements included:-The success and advancing of Science and Astronomy in the Mughal Empire, under Emperor Humayun-The flourishing of art, such as calligraphy-The great architectural developments and achievements (eg. The building of the Taj Mahal, Badshahi Mosque, Agra Fortress, Lahore Fortress etc.)-Music and literature became famous and widespread (eg. Sufi music was quite popular and well-known)-The Mughal Empire was famous for its diverse mix of foods including Mughlai Plao, Akbari and Shah JahaniTaj Mahal and Akbar bringing Hindus into the government of the Empire and reforming the unfair tax system.

How many years did Aurangzeb rule the Mughal empire?

Aurangzeb ruled the Mughal empire during the period 1658-1707. That means he ruled 49 years.

Which empire is better the Maratha or the Mughal?

The Mughal empire is better than the Maratha empire.

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