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Here are some vegetarians from history, there are many more but I would see these as most noteworthy. Many poignoint quotes can be found by these names on the subject of vegetarianism/ veganism.

Albert Einstein

Albert Schweitzer, musician, physician, Nobel Peace Prize winner

Andrew Jacobs Jr, US congressman


Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Spock, author and pediatrician

Bob Marley, musician

Charles Darwin

George Bernard Shaw, writer and Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature

HG Wells, author

Henry David Thoreau, writer

Isaac Bashevis Singer, writer & Nobel Prize winner

Isaac Newton is rumoured to have been vegetarian, but this is based mostly on an ambiguous quote by his niece.

John Harvey Kellogg, physician and scientist

John Milton, writer

Leo Tolstoy, author

Leonardo da vinci

Mahatma Gandhi, lawyer and social activist

Mark Twain, author

Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly, English novelist

Percey Bysshe Shelley, English poet




Sylvester Graham, inventor

Thomas Edison

Upton Sinclair, author

Vincent Van Gogh, painter

Voltaire, French writer William Blake

There are countless presently famous vegetarians. Here are some, including many household names from the worlds of acting, music, and professional sport.

Adam Carson, musician (AFI)

Ally Sheedy, actress

Andre 3000, musician (vegan)

Andreas Cahling, bodybuilder

Anil Kumble, Indian cricket star

Annie Lennox, rock singer

Anthony Kiedis, musician (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Benji Madden, musician (Good Charlotte)

Bess Motta, actress and fitness trainer

Bill Clinton, American politician

Bill Ford (CEO of Ford Motor Company)

Bill Manetti, powerlifting champion

Bill Pearl, four-time Mr Universe

Billie Jean King, tennis champion

Billy Martin, musician (Good Charlotte)

Boy George, musician

Brandon Brooks, actor

Bryan Adams, musician

Carl Lewis, nine-time Olympic gold medalist

Carrie Otis, model

Casey Affleck, actor

Catherine Malfitano, opera singer

Chelsea Clinton

Chris Campbell, Olympic medallist in wrestling

Chris Martin, musician (Coldplay)

Chrissie Hynde (vegan)

Christina Applegate, actress

Cindy Blum, opera singer

Claudia Schiffer, model

Cone McCasin, musician (Sum 41)

Corey Feldman, actor

Coretta Scott King, civil rights activist (vegan)

Dammon Albarn, musician (Blur)

Dan Piraro, cartoonist (vegan)

Darah Hanah, actress

Dave Baksh (Sum 41)

Dave Scott, six-time Ironman triathlon winner

Davey Havok, musician (AFI) (vegan)

David Duchovny, actor

Demi Moore, actress

Dennis Kucinich, congressman

Deryck "Bizzy D" Whibley, musician (Sum 41)

Desmond Howard, Heisman trophy winner and professional football player

Dick Gregory, runner (fruitarian)

Dustin Hoffman, actor

Dwight Yoakam, country western singer

Ed Templeton, pro skateboarder

Eddie Vedder, musician (Pearl Jam)

Edwin Moses, Olympic track gold medallist

Elizabeth Berkley, actress

Ellen DeGeneres stand-up comedian, television host

Elvis Costello, musician

Flip Grater, musician (vegan)

Fred Schneider, musician (B-52's)

Gary Player, champion golfer

Hank Aaron, pro baseball player

Howard Lyman, author (vegan)

Hunter Burgan, musician (AFI)

Ian McKellen, actor

Jade Puget, musician (AFI)

Jeff Beck, musician

Joanna Lumley, actress

Joaquin Phoenix, actor (vegan)

Joe Elliot, guitarist (Def Leppard)

Joe Namath, football player

Joel, musician (Good Charlotte)

Joel Madden, musician (Good Charlotte)

Julie Christie, actress

Kate Pierson, singer (B-52's)

Keith Holmes, WBC World Middleweight Champion

Kelly Osbourne, singer

Kenny Loggins, musician

Kevin Nealon, comedian

Kim Basinger, actress

Laban Phiedias, pro skater

Larry Mullen Jr, musician (U2)

Lenny Kravitz, musician

Leonard Nimoy, actor

Linda Blair, actress

Little Richard, musician

Liv Tyler, actress

Martina Navratilova, tennis professional

Michael Eisner (Disney CEO)

Michael J Fox, actor

Michael Stipe, musician (R.E.M.)

Milo Ventimiglia, actor

Moby, musician (vegan)

Morrissey, singer

Murray Rose, Olympic gold medallist and world record holder in swimming

Mya, singer

Natalie Imbruglia, singer

Natalie Merchant, singer

Natalie Portman, actress

Olivia Newton-John, singer and actress

Orlando Bloom, actor

Paavo Nurmi, long-distance runner with 20 world records

Pamela Anderson, actress

Peter Burwash, tennis pro, Davis Cup winner

Peter Falk, actor

Pierce Brosnan, actor

Prince, musician

Rikki Rockett, musician (Poison)

Roger Brown, professional football player

Rosanna Arquette, actress

Ruth Heidrich, three time Ironman

RZA, musician and producer of The Wu-Tang Clan

Serj Tankian, musician (System of a Down)

Shania Twain, country singer

Shannon Elizabeth, actress

Stella McCartney, designer and daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney

Stan Price, world record bench press holder

Steve Jobs, Apples Computers founder & CEO

Steve Martin, actor and comedian

Stevie Nicks, musician

Surya Bonaly, Olympic figure skater

Thorn Yorke, musician (Radiohead)

Tina Turner, singer

Tobey Maguire, actor

Vanessa Williams, actress

Weird Al Yankovic, comedian, singer (vegan)

Woody Harrelson, actor (vegan)

Three of the Beatles became vegetarians: Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Starr became one for health reasons, Harrison for religious reasons (as a Hindu convert, though he later ate occasional chicken or fish), and McCartney out of his and his wife Linda's love of animals. John Lennon mostly followed a macrobiotic diet, but still ate meat on occasion. (He was a fan of Burger King's Whoppers, and also enjoyed sashimi.)

The late Linda McCartney published a series of vegetarian cookbooks, and later started a line of frozen vegetarian entrees. These made her independently wealthy, before her death in 1998.

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Albert Einstein

Chelsea Clinton

Dennis Kucinich

George Bernard Shaw

Isaac Bashevis Singer

Mohandas Gandhi

Stella McCartney

Coretta Scott King

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Shania Twain, Mutt Lange, Carrie Underwood, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Silverstone, Paul McCartney, Christopher Drew, & many others.

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Q: What famous people are vegetarians?
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