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hey its me again wats up

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I know two people Brad Will who was once a great journalist -Died in October 27,2006 Jhon H Van Vleck who was also once a great physicists -Died in October 27,1980. They were both famous but, if you wanted other people like famous people i don't really know sorry :[

What famous person died in 1957

who has died from asthma that is famous

how many famous people died in 2009

what famous people have died of yellow fever?

There were several famous people that died in 1977. Some of the famous people were Alan Reed, Joan Crawford, and Margaret Hayes.

Sacagawea and Elisha Graves Otis were two famous people who died from diphtheria.

At least 45 famous people have died at the age of 27.

Oskar Werner died on October 23rd 1984.

People born on October 17 are under the sign Libra. Some famous people born on the 17th of October are Arthur Miller, Evel Knievel, Eminem, Rita Hayworth and Wyclef Jean.

More than half of Earth people have there birthday in October! My dog's Tyler's birthday is in October too!

He is an extremely famous artist. He was born October 3, 1867 and died sometime in 1947.

Freddie Mercury leading Singer of Queen.

What are some famous people who are rom Panaguay

The world lost many famous people in 1993. Some famous people who died in 1993 were Audrey Hepburn, Andre the Giant, Mark Kolthoff, and Mary Walter.

Bill Gates and Jon Harwood were born on October 28th

On the 21st October, the Battle of Trafaguare happened. 665 people died. It happened in Porstmouth. Nelson was shot in the eye and died. 300 of them people who died were French!

Al Capone died from syphilis.

Rekha the bollywood actress! :)

Kim Kardashian is one,

no. it is famous because many famous people died in it.

the famous person who died from the yellow fever is James

There are plenty of famous people that were born on October 22. Jeff Goldblum, Zac Hanson, and Annette Funicello are among the celebrities whom share the same birthday.

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