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Was there anyone who survived the Hindenburg blimp crash?

Most of the crew and passengers survived. Of the 36 passengers and 61 crew, 13 passengers and 22 crew died.

Did leif eriksson go with anyone?

He had a crew of 34 people.

Did anyone sail with Leif Ericsson?

He had a crew of 35 men.

Why was it difficult for Christoper Colon and crew to really discover America before the area was named?

Because the land was harsh and uninhibited by anyone other than the savage Indians.

Who is single in quest crew?

everyone because anyone who does that doesnt have a date

Did anyone come with Leif Ericson on his voyage?

He had a crew of 35 men.

Did anyone search for Shackleton crew?

The Ross Sea Party searched, but was unsuccessful.

Did anyone die on the eendracht?

yes all of the crew but the captain supposidly survived

Did anyone survive the Columbia disaster?

No, all seven of the crew died in the disaster.

Will the rogue crew be the last redwall book?

Rogue Crew was the last book he wrote before he died. :'(

What were ndubz called before they were ndubz?

Lickle Rinsers Crew

Is Solo Tohi from Justice Crew dating anyone?

UNfortunatley yes...... ......we all he was though.............. "HOTTIE"

Did anyone die on Apollo 13?

Thankfully, the whole crew made it safely back to Earth

Where did the crew stop at before starting across the Atlantic ocean?


Do you have to add people as a friend before you can add them to your crew in YoVille?


Do you have to get the warship before you get the crew mates on Skullduggery?

it's better that way...

Doesn't seem that anyone knows how to reprogramme key fob to 1996 crew cab?

Why does it need to be reprogrammed?

Does Dracula killl anyone?

Yes, he does. He kills the crew of the ship ´Demeter´ and makes Lucy Westenra a vampire.

Is Usopp in One Piece going to leave the crew?

He did in fact leave the crew just before the Enies Lobby arc, but afterwards he begged Luffy for forgiveness and asked if he could rejoin the crew, which Luffy allowed.

Who created the stockade in Treasure Island?

flint and his crew did before Jim arrived

Why is the crew less willing to obey Odysseus now then before?

He had not told them about Charybdis.

How long was Columbus and his crew at sea before they spotted land?

70 days

What dance crew was ray ray was in before he was in mindless behavior?

He was dancing with Tommy the Clown before he went to Mindless Behavior.

Was the Tuskegee Airmen an all black flight crew or did they mix with whites?

At first they were segragated but then they were combined with another flight crew. They combined before D-Day the black and white fighter crew won over 100 missions.

What were some early signs that the crew had reservations about the voyage?

There are many early signs that the crew had reservations about the voyage. Those who had nightmares or visions before the voyage could have had reservations.