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Male seahorses carry their young in a pouch simillar to a kangaroo.


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The male seahorse, which is a fish, has a pouch in which the eggs are incubated, but he does not carry the young after they are hatched.

The pelican is known for catching and carrying fish in its large bill and throat pouch.

A mother kangaroo feeds its young on mothers' milk, which is one of the reasons why the kangaroo is classified as a mammal (specifically, a marsupial). Kangaroos are unique in that they can carry two joeys of different ages silmultaneously in their pouch, and feed them on two different types of milk, according to their nutritional needs for their stage of development.

A kangaroo is a vertebrate. In simple terms, this means it has a backbone and an internal skeleton.A kangaroo is also a mammal. Mammals have skin and hair/fur, breathe using lungs (unlike fish and juvenile amphibians), are warm-blooded, and suckle their young on mothers' milk.Within the mammal group are several sub-groups. The kangaroo is a marsupial, meaning it gives birth to undeveloped young which continue their development outside of the mother's body, usually in a pouch.Finally, the kangaroo is a macropod. Macropods are characterised by strong hind legs and long tails for balancing.

No, the kangaroo is a marsupial or known as a mammal. A fish isn't a mammal.

I can give you two facts. One is that they have evolved to live in very clean sea water, and will die if they are not in very pure water and another fact is that the parent who actually carries the young inside a pouch on its tummy is the male.

It depends on the type of fish. Some fish, such as cod and herring, abandon their eggs after spawning. Salmon and trout cover their fertilised eggs with gravel but abandon them soon after. Among ocean fish, female seahorses and pipefish lay their eggs in a pouch on the underside of the male. The eggs hatch inside the male's pouch. Some fish, including certain ocean catfish and cardinal fish, carry their eggs in their mouth during the hatching period. In some species, the male carries the eggs. In other species, the female carries them. The males of a few species guard their young for a short time after they hatch. These fish include freshwater bass, bowfins, brown bullheads, Siamese fighting fish, and some sticklebacks. But most other fish provide no protection for their offspring.

because the female lays the egg in the males pouch and the male carys it weeks before the eggs hatchMale seahorses have a pouch on their stomachs. The female deposits up to 2,000 eggs in that pouch. Seahorses are unique in this; no other male fish or animals bears young. Zoologists think it evolved to help seahorses survive.Male seahorse do not give birth.The female seahorse lay eggs in the pouch of the male seahorse.The male seahorse carries the eggs until they hatch and swims out of the pouch of the male seahorse.That is why people think male seahorse give birthThey don't really. The female deposits the eggs in a pouch on the male's belly. He then carries the eggs until they hatch, and tiny, tiny seahorses swim out into the ocean.He doesn't "give birth". The female lays eggs in a pouch which the male has on the front of his belly. When the eggs hatch, the babies are released from the pouch and go on their way.

The male seahorse has a pouch, which the female will fill with unfertilised eggs - here the male with fertilise them. The male will keep the eggs there until he expels them from the pouch, as they begin to hatch.However from then on, as is usual with fish, the many tiny offspring are left to fend for themselves.

A pelican is a bird with a saggy pouch that can scoop fish out of water.

Only some do. For example, the seahorse carries eggs in its belly pouch. But the sand tiger shark makes its babies go away after it is born. The Animal Expert ;)

The male sea horse has a small pouch near his tail. The female sea horse deposits her eggs, up to 200 at one time, in the male's pouch, which is then sealed with a sticky secretion. The male carries around the eggs with him for about 45 days. Also the Opossum shrimp

they use their pouch to hold fish in it. like in many cartoons pelicans use their pouch for holding things such as rocks,books,tools,etc.

Firsly, most fish don't get pregnant. The ones that do have highly variable gestation times that are dependant on what type of fish it is. Guppies for example carry the young inside for 21-30 days. The Spiny Dogfish on the other hand, carries its young for about 18-24 months.

Maybe he thought he was a kangaroo?

Young fish are called "fry".

Young fish are called fry.

The name of a young fish is a 'fry'

The young of a fish is called a fingerling

No. There is no fish that carries milk for the offpring. Only marine mamals can do that.

Parr is also the young of various fish, but mosly use for the young salmon.

Most young fish feed themselves.

The general term for a young fish is a fingerling.

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