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Q: What fish get along with mollies?
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Do Dalmatian mollies get along with guppies?

This is a risk because any fish that can fit its mouth around another fish will try and eat that fish, so be careful. But for the most part, yes, Dalmatian mollies will get along with guppies.

Are black mollies a tropical fish?

Yes all Mollies are under the tropical fish catagory.

Do mollies and fancy guppies get along?

Mollies may attack your guppies.

Are silver mollies salt water fish?

yes they are and so are black mollies

How do Mollies fish breathe?


Do goldfish guppies and mollies get along in the same tank?

Simple answer, No. Goldfish are coldwater fish. They can survive in cold temperatures. On the other hand though, guppies and mollies are tropical fish, need special salt, conditioner and a tank of 25C-27C.

Can a mollie fish live in a fish bowl?

As Mollies are tropical fish, they need regulated heat and good filtration. My Mollies have been known to dive.

What fish will share a tank with goldfish?

mollies, tetra's, plecko's mollies, tetra's, plecko's

What kind of fish is compatible with swordtail fish?

There are guppies and mollies.

Can green puffer fish and mollies get along?

The puffer loves live food and will eat anything smaller than it is, it is one of the few freshwater fish that has teeth.

Do black mollies get along with guppies?

i have a guppy and two black mollies in the same tank,and they get along perfectly fine so far.but sometimes,you get the occasional aggressive molly and it might attack your guppy. you should also ask your local pet store to see which fish can get along and which can't.

Can you keep mollies with other fish?


Can angelfish get along with black mollies?

I have both angel fish and mollies and glofish and they get anlong great ive had them for years and they haven't caused any trouble. They love each other. The great Chicago Fishers

Can Mexican walking fish guppies silver sharks and balloon mollies be together?

yes, fish guppies,silver sharks and balloon mollies can be together.

How does a molly fish get pregnant?

What makes mollies pregent

What type of tropical fish are white?

White mollies

What is the cheapest pet fish?

mollies ang gulpies,.

What do black mollies eat?

they eat fish flakes

What fish bears live young?

guppies, mollies, scord fish. that's about it

What fish born live fish?

Guppies, mosquitofish, sharks, mollies, and platies.

Mollies and clown fish together?

Mollies are freshwater fish. Clownfish are saltwater fish. If you try to keep them together, one or both will die because they cannot live in the same kind of water.

What fish can go with a barbs?

I have a plec, mollies, rummy nose tetras, bala sharks, loaches, black skirts, and kribensis in with my barbs and they get along wonderfully.

Does mollies lay eggs?

Mollies are live-bearing fish, which means that they give birth to live babies called fry

A fish tank contains 1 2 as many goldfish as mollies and there are 6 more guppies than goldfish If the total number of fish in the tank is 22 how many mollies are in the tank?

A total of four mollies can be found in the water tank

Do mollies eat mollies in my fish tank l had 2 mollies and 1 disappeared and I added more mollies and guppies and another mollie has disappeared?

Members of Poecillidae, mollies included, only eat each other if the others are babies, or dead. But most likely, he jumped out.