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I know one of them is a mongoose

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Q: What five animals can kill a black mamba?
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What African animals kill most humans?

The hippo and the black mamba.

Would a Russelll's viper kill a black mamba?

the Russel viper can kill the black mamba the Russel viper kill any animal or human your body part will puff up with blood it can even kill a grizzly bear.The black mamba not so strong to kill the Russel viper.

Can a jaguar kill a black mamba?


Can a mongoose kill a black mamba?

yes, the black mamba snake can kill you if it bites you. they mostly live in the fruit trees of central and southeastern africa.

How many men can a black mambas bite kill?

A Black mamba bite can easily kill 10 full grown men. 15-20 mg of mamba venom is enough to kill an adult easily. A black mamba injects around 150 mg of venom in every bite.

Can a black mamba kill an adult or young elephant?


Can cats kill black mambas?

Depending on circumstances it may be possible but it is more likely that the black mamba will kill the cat.

Who was black widow in kill bill?

There was no character nicknamed "Black Widow" in the Kill Bill movies.You must be referring to "Black Mamba".Black Mamba is the main character in the story. Her character name is Beatrix. Her character's other nicknames in the movie are "Kiddo" and "The Bride".The actress who plays Beatrix/Black Mamba is Uma Thurman.See related links for more information.

What land snake has the most poison?

black mamba, can kill in 10 secs.

What do black mamba snakes kill?

Yes. Of course! Black Mambas are highly poisonous, carnivorous, and kill their prey in order to feed themselves.

How does a black mamba and a green mamba kill a human?

if the right anti venom is on hand you could survive

What animal can kill a black mamba snake?

A jaguar. An elephant stepping on it's head would kill it too.