What five cities in Alberta are the most populated?

Five largest Cities in Alberta in order:

Calgary: 1,065,455 (2009)
Edmonton: 783,439 (2009)
Red Deer: 89,891 (2009)
Lethbridge: 86,659(2010)
Fort Mcmurray 76,797(2010) plus the shadow population (not inluded) 27,541

St. Albert just misses the list with (2010) people

Even though Fort McMurray boasts 76,797(2010) people, it isn't legally a city. It isn't even a town. It is administered by the County of Wood Buffalo. Which has a total population of 104,338.

Same situation as Sherwood Park, which with 62,786 people thought to be a city, is also administered by a County seat.(Rounded Up)