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Q: What flags are red white and blue horizontal lines?
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Has the flag of Chile been changed since it was first made?

There have been three official Chilean flags. The first consisted of three horizontal lines of blue, white, and gold, and was raised for the first time on July 4, 1812. The second was a design of blue, white, and red horizontal lines, which replaced the original flag on May 26, 1817. The third, current, Chilean flag, was made official on October 18, 1817, consists of a red horizontal band covering the bottom half of the flag, with a blue square in the top left of the flag, and a white star in the centre of the square. Two thirds of the top right of the flag is taken up by a horizontal white band.

What does Greece's flag look like?

It has 9 horizontal blue and white stripes, and a white cross in the upper left corner.

What do the flags of Ecuador and Colombia have in common?

Both countries flags have the same horizontal colors: yellow, blue and red, in the same order

In surf life saving what does a white and blue flag mean?

Before the yellow and red flags were introduced the flags used to be white and blue. Scuba diving flags are also blue and white. Red and white is a shark flag. I have been on patrol for over 10 years, we have never used a blue and white flag.

How is Luxembourg flag different from Netherlands flag?

Though their flags look similar, they are not the same. Both have three horizontal stripes in the order red, white and blue from top to bottom, but Luxembourg's blue is lighter than that of the Netherlands. This format of flag, as well as the colors red, white and blue, are very popular for use in flags, so having flags that look nearly identical is hard to avoid.

What color is in most flags?

They are red, white or blue.

What are chiles flags colors?

red, white, and blue

Which countries use only blue and white flags?

Blue and white only flags: Antarctica Finland Greece Honduras Israel Federated States of Micronesia Scotland Somalia Blue and white with another color central symbol are: El Salvador Nicaragua San Marino

What color is Russia's flag?

From top to bottom, the Russian flag has horizontal stripes of white, blue and red.

How do you obtain horizontal lines and vertical lines?

write a mistake then use the white side of an ink eraser to rub it out then use the blue side to write over it. NOTE:IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE YOU WILL HAVE TO RUB IT OUT!!

What color is the United States flags?

Red white & Blue

What two colors are found on the Finlands flags?

Blue & White :)