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They pollinate all sorts of flowers especially the walnut tree. They like to feed off walnuts.

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Why do flowers need bees?

Bees pollinate the flowers.

Why are bees important to flowers?

they pollinate flowers

What keeps bees away from flowers?

Don't do it - bees pollinate flowers, no pollen , no flowers

Why are bees important to plants and flowers?

They pollinate our plants and flowers so that the flowers can reproduce. After the bees pollinate the flowers, they collect the pollen for the hive and turn it into honey.

Do bees pollinate cucumbers?

Well, bees will pollinate the flowers of the cucumber, but I am not sure if they pollinate the vegetable when it no longer has the flower.

What types of flowers do bees and butterflies pollinate more?

they pollinate good smelling flowers

What are 4 things that pollinate flowers?

Bees, hummingbirds, wasps, and butterflies pollinate flowers.

How do you use the word pollinate in a sentence?

Bees pollinate flowers.

How do bees and flowers interact?

Its called 'interdependence.' The flowers need the bees to pollinate them to survive, but the bees need the flowers so they can make honey, and the female bees pollinate flowers and keep pollen on there legs to feed there larve.

How do bees polinate flowers?

Yes they do pollinate flowers!

Why do flowers attract bees?

The flowers benefit by attracting bees because they pollinate the flowers they visit.

Do all bees pollinate flowers?

Bees of all varieties pollenate flowers, but not all bees do so. This may seem a contradiction, but only the worker bees pollinate, not the queens or drones.

Bees and a flower?

Bees get nectar from flowers and pollen. The pollen is to pollinate flowers (obviously) to make them grow big.And did you also know that bees pollinate a third of our food.

Do bees pollinate all flowers?

Yes bees pollinate on all flowers but not all the time only the ones that they think are the safest to go to

What plants do bees pollinate?

Bees pollinate the majority of fruits, flowers and vegetables. They will not pollinate grains such as corn and wheat, firs or soybeans.

Can honey bees pollinate plants other than flowers?

Yes, honey bees can pollinate plants other than flowers. For example, in California, honey bees are absolutely essential to pollinate the almond trees.

How do you you put pollinate in a sentence?

Bees polinate flowers.When studying how bees polinate flowers, a bee stung me.Since bees die after stinging a person, there was one less bee able to pollinate.

What type of bees pollinate flowers?


What bugs pollinate flowers?

bumble bees

Do every species of bees pollinate flowers?


What are animals that pollinate flowers called?


How many flowers can bees pollinate?


Where do bees get necter from?

Bees get their nectar from flowers. Flowers produce nectar to attract animals to pollinate them.

Is bees pollinate the Foul smelling flowers?

If your question is do they, the answer is yes. All flowers are good for bees.

What can bees do?

Bees produce honey for us and help pollinate flowers.

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