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Cosmos, Christmas roses, cattail, olive

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Flower that represents peace?

In the language of Flowers, Cattails represent Peace and Prosperity.

What are some symbols that represent faith hope and love?

Doves, a heart, a peace sign, flowers,

What do the flowers in Diego rivera's artwork represent?

The flowers represent the blossoming of woman from childhood to adulthood.

Why did my peace Lily flowers turn green?

Peace lily flowers turn from white to green as they age.

What Symbol to represent peace?

the symbol of peace is the doves

What do black flowers represent?


What does fishing represent?


Do monarch butterflies represent peace and happiness?

peace and happyness

What flower is universally considered to represent peace?

A Lotus flower is considered to represent peace. However, an olive branch is more well known as a peace symbol.

What meaning do lucerne flowers represent?

Lucerne flowers mean life I think

What do rues flowers represent in The Hunger Games?

They represent the innocent life taken.

What does the tie represent in a separate peace?

A tie in a separate peace would represent/symbolize that it was an all boys boarding school.

What does the United Kingdom flag represent?

it represent peace,honest and a lot

What animals represent peace?


What does butterfly wings represent?


What do doves at a funeral represent?


What colors represent peace?


What does the color white repreants?

Do you mean represent? In that case it is supposed to represent peace.

What do rue's flowers symbolize in The Hunger Games?

I believe it symbolizies Katniss' want for peace and the end of the Hunger Games. It proves that the Hunger Games are monsterous.They represent the innocent life taken.

What flowers represent everlasting love?

orange blossom

What does the olive leaf represent in histor?


What does a palm tree represent?

Peace and Opportunity

Why does the white dove represent life?


What does he wattle represent?

it representslove ,peace, and paison

Does blue represent peace?

In my mind, yes. :)

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