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Q: What food does Florida ebt card cover?
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Can you use the Florida EBT card in Puerto Rico?

Can I use my EBT food card in Puerto Rico, .

How replace lost Florida issued EBT card?

I lost my florida food stamp card

Can you use your Florida EBT food stamp card in Alabama?


When do your benefits get on your ebt card in Florida?

What agency do you go to to apply for food stamps

Can i use your New York ebt food stamp benefit card in Florida?

Yes you can..

Can a florida ebt card be used in Maryland?

Yes. An EBT Card is a government issued card that can be used in any state.

Can you use a Florida ebt food stamp card in Arizona?

Any EBT card will work at any SNAP certified retailer nationwide. Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) certification for SNAP allows stores to accept the Illinois Link card and EBT cards from other states.

Does albertson's take ebt card?

Yes, they accept ebt card (food stamp)

Can you use New Jersey ebt card in Florida?

can i use my new jersey card in florida

Can you use your MN EBT card in Florida?


Can you use your food stamps from Florida when you visit long island?

If you have an EBT card which includes Food Stamps /SNAP yes you can. It works like an ATM card

Can a friend use my IOWA ebt card to buy food for me?

Yes, a friend can use your EBT card to buy food for you in Iowa.

Can you order food with a ebt card?

no. you can not buy any HOT food with your card.

What food can you buy with ebt card in New Jersey?

Can u buy coffee filters with Ebt card

Can you use your Florida EBT card in other states?


Can you use a Florida ebt card in other states?

yes you can

Can you use your Florida ebt card in Puerto Rico?


Can you buy bag ice with an EBT card in Florida?


Can you use your Florida EBT card in Alaska?

Theoretically yes.

Do ebt card users in alabama have to pay sales tax?

are taxes charged when buying food with an ebt card

Can you use ebt card at Aldis food store?

Yes, Aldi does accept EBT.

Does in and out burger accept ebt cards?

No. You can NOT use an Ebt card to buy hot food.

Can i use my Florida ebt card in North Carolina?

Yes, your EBT is usable in all 50 States, you can use a Fl card in NC, and a NC card in Il.

Can you use your Kentucky ebt card in Florida?

Yes, you can. EBT cards are Government issued and can be used in any state.

Can you buy clothes with the ebt card?

No, only food