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eggs are the classic. Fish is frequently poached. Some cools prefer poaching a chicken for use in specific recipes.

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Q: What foods are best suited to the submerged poaching technique?
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What do you make by poaching?

Eggs and fish are two foods most commonly cooked by poaching. Poaching is well-suited to foods that do not require browning.

Disadvantage of poaching food?

žSkill is required when poaching food žFor many foods it is not a suitable method

What foods are best suited to a char griller?

Beef, pork and chicken are the foods best suited for the Char-Griller. But any food that one would normally cook on a grill can be handled by the Char-Griller.

Why do the people in Denmark eat the foods that they do?

They eat the foods that are most suited to their cool and moist northern climate. See the Related Link.

What is the temperature range for simmering?

~ Simmering is a food preparation technique in which foods are cooked in hot liquids kept just below the boiling point of water(which is 100 degrees C. or 212 degrees fahrenheit at average sea level air pressure), but higher than poaching temperature.

Protein complementation is a technique which?

Protein complementation is a technique that combines foods with limiting amino acids. this is done to improve protein quality in the human body.

What are the characteristics of fried foods?

Usually fried food is battered, then fully submerged in oil and fried until golden. (e.g. fried chicken)

What is flash frying?

For this technique of frying, the heat is super high and the foods are stir-fried in a flash.

What is Tropical fish flakes?

These foods are specifically suited for tropical fish/reef fish such as angelfish, clownfish, seahorse, etc.

Why are prepared foods excluded from food stamps?

More expensive, suited to busy people who have little free time for cooking.

What foods can you shallow fry?

You can shallow fry chicken as long as the chicken is halfway submerged when frying. Look up shallow fried chicken recipes

How advantageous is this technique of delivering foods?

Delivering foods is advantageous because it is all-around convenient for the customer. The main benefit for the business by delivering is that it allows for more business.

What are cooking skills called?

Culinary Skills are the ability to cook, use cooking technique, and prepare foods well.

Can you grind up fish flakes to feed brine shrimp?

Yes you can, but there are specific foods made for brine shrimp that would be better suited for them

What kinds of recipes or foods are ideally suited for oval crock pots?

Usually, foods containing meats and chicken do best in oval crock pots, as well as circular. Meats and chicken will be more tender, and less dry when cooked slowly.

What has the author Fred S Thatcher written?

Fred S. Thatcher has written: 'Microorganisms in foods' -- subject(s): Food, Microbiology, Technique

Can a report be about food?

Yes, you would have a wide variety of topics to choose from in writing a report about food. Suggestions are How to Use the Braising Technique in Cooking (or any technique you choose), The Nutritional Values of Fruit, or How To Lower Your Intake of Fatty Foods.

What is bottling in terms of foods?

Bottling is a type of food preservation technique. Bottling is used to store liquids in cylinder glass containers that have a detachable lid.

What foods can you not eat on a diet?

a japanese technique, focused on cravings, worked for me, make sure you thank me if you will get success ๐Ÿ™‚ God Bless You!

Is diabetic diet only suited for diabetics?

A diabetic diet consists of mainly Sugar-free foods there Is nothing bad about eating sugar-free food no matter if you are diabetic or not.

Is smoked beacon raw or cooked?

its semi cooked, as it is smoked. Smoked foods can be preserved for long. Its a technique used for years and years, when science and chemical were not available

Is preservation a storage or processing technique?

Preservation (canning, freezing, drying, curing and smoking, and fermentation are methods of food processing for the long-term storage of foods.

What has the author Dale Martin written?

Dale Martin has written: 'Into the primitive' -- subject(s): Animal traps, Technique, Trapping 'Living well' -- subject(s): Cookery (Natural foods), Health, Health behavior, Nutrition, Cooking (Natural foods)

What does simmer mean?

Simmering is a food preparation technique in which foods are cooked in hot liquids kept at or just below the boiling point of water[1] (which is 100 °C or 212 °F at average sea level air pressure), but higher than poaching temperature. To keep a pot simmering, one brings it to a boil and then reduces the heat to a point where the formation of steam bubbles has all but ceased, typically a water temperature of about 94 °C (200 °F).

How can I find the best diet of low carb foods?

The best diet consisting of low carbohydrate foods can be found through your doctor. Since your doctor has your medical history, he or she can provide you with the dietary advice suited to your needs. As well, your doctor can refer you to a nutritionist who specializes in designing diets for quick weight loss.