What foods are commonly eaten in burkina faso?

Burkina Faso food comes in wide variety. Though there are some staple foods in the country, which include maize, beans, rice, potatoes, okra, millet, yams and peanuts, there are some other foods in Burkina Faso too that are extremely popular in the country. With abundant livestock in most of the villages, eggs are available in plenty. The rivers act as storehouse to several varieties of fish, which are also consumed by the local people of the area. Meat is not eaten quite often as it is pretty expensive. Apart from these sources of protein, fresh green vegetables are available in plenty in the country.

Burkina Faso foods also uses variety of sauces to spice up their meals. Sauces are usually mixed with rice and vegetables to give a distinct flavor as well as to enhance the taste of the dish. The sauces are known by different names in various tribes. Burkina Faso people use several spices to add that extra flavor to their food.

Food of Burkina Faso remains incomplete without drinks. Beer is the most common form of drink that is consumed by maximum number of people apart from water. Dolo and Bissap are the two most popular forms of beer that are available in the country. Another soft drink that is popular in the country is called Zoomkoom, made with millet flour and water and flavored with ginger and lemon.