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It depends on the digestive system of the individual. Beans (such as chili), brussel sprouts, broccoli, some peppers, spices, etc. will cause a build-up of gas and thus flatulance.

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Bad urine odor?

Certain foods like asparagus can give urine a bad odor. It could be an infection. If you recently took vitamins, that could cause odor as well

What is the cause of bad body odor?

The genetic disorder Trimethylaminuria causes bad body odor.

What diseases can cause bad body odor?

In some cases bad body odor can occur with diabetes.

Does a sinus infection cause a bad odor in your nose?

It can.

What would cause a newborn kitten an odor from the mouth and urine?

What would cause a bad odor on the kittens after being born, that would cause them to die quickly?

What STD causes bad odor?

There are several sexually transmitted diseases that cause a bad odor. These include chlamydia, gonorrhea and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Stop odor of flatulence?

I wish to know if there are any foods I should avoid to eliminate flatulence & bad odor. Many thanks Nadia

Does excessive flatulence cause permanent bad odor?

heck yes

Are there internal problems that cause life-long body odor?

Life long body odour is something that is hard to diagnose without further information. Some foods such as onions, garlic and cabbage can cause faint smells, but this is more on your clothes, breath and from flatulance. Some people have medical conditions, such as diabetes, which change the chemical makeup of your body and cause it to smell different. Most "bad" body odour is caused from bacteria which lives on your skin. I would suggest you speak to your pharmacist about some soap products.

Why do farts smelll?

Bacteria in the intestines and sulfur rich foods combine to create the bad odor.

What are causes of bad body odor?

The cause(s) of bad body odor is sometimes sweat and heat, but other times it can be alergic reactions to anything that gets close to your body.

Does excessive flatulence cause permament bad odor?

No. When the gas dissipates so does the smell.

What food gives bad body odor?

Foods with strong odors (onions, garlic) can contribute to body odor. What constitutes "bad" depends partially on your perspective and cultural bias; for example, the high proportion of dairy foods in the diets of Westerners results in a particular smell that many Asians find unpleasant.

Why does polysulfide rubber have a bad odor?

Because of the sulfur. Sulfur itself has a bad odor, and anything that contains a lot of sulfur also has a bad odor.

Do hamsters farts smell?

Hamster farts are not known to have a bad odor. Though a unclean hamster cage can cause a bad smell.

Do hairless hamsters usually have a bad odor?

All hamsters give a bad odor.

What foods cause oily skin?

fast food can cause oily skin cause its so bad for you.

What types of foods cause reflux in your diet?

Yes there are plenty. Beans for one are especially bad because they cause gas. Any foods that are very acidic in nature such as tomatoes, lemons, limes, and other foods of this nature are also bad for you.

Does shrimp have any odor if bad?

Yes, all seafood will develop a distinct odor when going bad.

Is odor physical or chemical?

it is a chemical component which gives bad odor

What causes yellowish discharge?

Pus can cause it. If it has a bad odor see a doctor. Discharge can also have a different color when you ovulate.

How do you get rid of foot odor?

Getting rid of foot odor is hard once it gets bad, but my mother used these to get rid of her foot odor: *Keep your feet clean! Cleanliness kills the bacteria that causes odor. *Keep your feet dry! Socks made of cotton are best to absorb sweat and moisture. *Stay away from garlic, onions, curries, chilis, and alcohol. These can cause foot odor, as well as bad breath.

Do unhatched goose eggs have a light natural bad odor or do they only smell when they are dead?

Yes it will have a bad Odor when about to hatch

How do bad odor help a plant to survive?

Bad odor is a defence mechnism in plants to keep away the insects and pests.

Do pigs smell?

They do have some odor, but most of the bad odor comes from their feces.