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John Terry plays for Chelsea Football Club in the UK. He is idolized by Chelsea fans but has been involved in scandals that have made him a target for fans of other clubs.

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Q: What football team in the UK does John Terry play for?
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Who is the captain of Chelsea football team?

John Terry

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Is john terry an American?

No because je's captain for the England football team (for the moment...)

Who is the captain of the England football team?

Jan 2010 : The captain of the England football team is John Terry. Feb 2010 : Rio Ferdinand takes over the captaincy from John Terry. and during this world cup it was Steven Gerrard

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John Terry, captain of Chelsea FC.

List of England national football team captains 2010?

They are John Terry and Rio Ferdinand.

Who is footballer John Terry?

John terry is the captain of chelsea football team. I would tell you everthing about him but there is to many good things haha i love him #1 fan

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Chelsea. He's been there ever since 1998

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Before Joining Chelsea at the age of 14, he supported Manchester United

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The current captain of the England National football team is John Terry who is also Chelsea fc captain.He is a central defender,he wears number 6 for the england team and number 26 for chelsea.

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He is Captain of the Chelsea team

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