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The Dallas Cowboys headquartered in Valley Ranch, in Irving Texas, are a professional American football franchise that plays in the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference of the National Football League. The Houston Texans is a member of the South Division of the American Football Conference and of the National Football League.

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Q: What football teams are based in Texas?
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What states do not have a professional football teams?


What are some Texas football teams?

dallas cowboys Texas longhorns Texas a.m

How many NFL football teams does Texas have in 2010?


How many high school football teams in Texas?


What sport teams begin with letter t?

In football there is Texas Titans

What pro football teams does Texas have?

Dallas Cowboys Houston Texans

Name two professional football teams in Texas?

Houston and dallas

What is the name of Texas' football team?

Texas actually has two teams. They are the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans

What are the football teams based in London?

Chelsea, Fulham, Spurs, Arsenal are the main teams but there are others.

What sport do the teams Barcelona and Real Zaragoza play?

Barcelona and Real Zaragoza are football teams. Barcelona is a football team based in Barcelona, Spain. Real Zaragoza is a football team based in Zaragoza, Spain.

How many ncaa division 1a college football teams in Texas?


How many football teams are based in the south?

if you are talking about divisions, 8.

Some Sport teams from Texas?

Dallas Cowboys - pro football Texas longhorns - college football Aggies - college football Mavericks - pro basketball Dallas Cowboys - pro football Texas longhorns - college football Aggies - college football Mavericks - pro basketball

What sport teams start with T?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans are football teams in the National Football League. Toronto Argonauts are a football team in the Canadian Football League. Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays are Major League Baseball teams.

What are the Texas pro football teams names?

Texans and Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers jk

Why do you have football teams?

because......... Texas A&M is the best! oh ya! gigem aggies!

How many NFL football teams are in Texas?

2 Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys.

What college football teams are in the Big 12?

Texas nabraska Oklahoma Oklahoma state

Did any college football team go undefeated and not scored upon?

The 1917 and 1919 Texas A&M Football teams

What football team started the first thanksgiving football game?

The tradition started in 1902. In this time there were only three teams in the NFL. Two of the teams were based in Philadelphia, while the third was based in Pittsburgh.

What are 5 colleges that have division one football teams and dressage teams?

the Boston eagles ducks gators longhorns Texas tech

How many national championship in football has Texas Longhorns played in?

The teams over the years that played for football National Championships in college?

When and how did Aggies jokes start?

Aggie are football fans of Texas agricultural college. Fan of the other Texas college teams started them.

What is London football team name?

London does not have just 1 football team - it is made up of many teams. For example in the 2007/2008 season there are 5 premiership football teams based in London.

What football teams has Colt Mccoy played for since 2006?

Colt Mccoy played for the Texas Longhorns since 2006. He was won many awards and is regarded as a football hero in Texas.