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This is due to the force of viscosity, or better understood as air friction. It is the reason that any object will eventually stop speeding up and reach a terminal velocity. This viscosity force is often described as an expansion: F= av + bv^2 + c v^3 and so forth. Often this is approximated and the only term used is av. For a sphere falling under streamline conditions a=6*pi*viscosity*radius of the sphere. Hope that helps.

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Q: What force makes a feather fall slowly to the earth?
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Which force makes a feather fall to the ground more slowly than a stone?

air resistance is the answer and it is a force :)

What force that makes a feather drop slower than a hammer on earth?

Air resistance.

What is the name of the force that makes the earth orbit the sun that starts with C?

The name of the force that makes the earth orbit the sun doesn't start with ' C '. The force that does it is the force of gravity.

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It is due to gravity AND the earth turns slowly. The gravity has a force which makes you look like standing straight and if you're a Vietnamese, you'll be standing sideways because the "force" of gravity is doing its job.

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Gravitation force makes the Earth move around the sun and also makes the moon go around the Earth. Our weight is the gravitational force of the Earth acting on us. For example; the gravitational force of the moon is about one-sixth that of the Earth.

What gravitational force is stronger earth and moon or earth and sun?

The Sun and Earth, the gravitational force is what makes our orbit in place

What makes things float in outer space?

actually the space shuttle, the astronauts, etc. are NOT weightless and experiencing zero gravity. They are slowly, the key word being slowly, falling back toward the Earth. The Earth has an enormous gravitational force. the shuttle doesn't fly near far enough away from the Earth to escape it.

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What is the force that makes things fall to the earth?


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The force which moves the earthabout the sun is gravitational force.

Why does a coin and a feather fall with different accelerations in the presence of air?

The structure of the feather makes it catch the air and fall more slowly than the coin. Refer to the related link for the Apollo 15 mission to the moon, which has no atmosphere, in which an astronaut drops a hammer and a feather at the same time.

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The force that makes the Earth travle through space is the suns gravitantional pull on the Earth. The way the Earth travels through space is by the suns gravitational pull on the Earth making it go around the sun.

What is the name force that makes Earth orbit the sun?


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Name What the force is called that makes the earth orbit the sun?

The force is popularly known as "gravity".

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Gravity is the force which makes a thrown ball fall back to the ground. It is the force which attracts all objects to the Earth.

Is the force that makes an apple fall to the ground is the same force that keeps earth orbiting the sun?


What makes the earth go round the Sun?

Sun's Gravitational force.

Which force makes the earth keep going round the sun?


Which force makes an apple fall to the ground?

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Yes - the same gravity that makes the apple fall from the tree - keeps the earth in orbit around the sun.

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Gravity makes the Moon remain in orbit around Earth.

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No force is required in order to keep a moving object moving. Any object continues moving in a straight line at constant speed until a force makes it change its speed or direction. The Earth is constantly changing the direction of its motion around the sun. The force that makes it do that is the gravitational force between the Earth and the Sun.

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The moon is stuck in what is called an "Orbit" around the earth, the Earth Spins "slowly" and the moon spins around it. Gravitational Pull makes this happen.