What foreign languages do Italians usually speak?

Italians tend to be practical. So they tend to learn the languages that are the most useful for them to know. They therefore tend to become fluent in English, French, and German. English is important to know because of its use in world business, politics and technology. French and German are the languages of Italy's neighbors, in France and Switzerland.

Additionally, some Italians know Greek, Latin, and Slovene. Greek is the language of Italy's neighbor on the east side of the Adriatic Sea, Greece. Latin is the language of the country's ancient Roman legacy and of the pre-Vatican II liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church. Slovene is the language of Italy's neighbor to the northeast, Slovenia.

Italians also may know Portuguese and Spanish. It doesn't require much hard work on their part to learn these two fellow Romance languages. And in the case of the Iberian Peninsula, Italy and Spain share blood ties in regard to some of each country's leading families.