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In Pokemon Ruby, you need to Roam Hoenn. In Pokemon Sapphire, you need to visit Southern Island. In Pokemon Emerald, you need to visit Southern Island or roam Hoenn. In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, you can't get it. You need to trade to get Latios.

Visit the training schools at Mystery Island or Krawk Island (: You'll need codestones for the former and dubloons for the latter, though.

Without knowing where in Brooklyn you're coming from (an address, a cross street, or at least a neighborhood), it's impossible to give useful directions. Brooklyn is almost 100 square miles in area, and almost all of New York City's subway lines run through it. Which subway route to take depends on what train or trains are closest to your starting point.To get to Rikers Island, you need to take the Q100 bus, which originates in Queens and travels over the Rikers Island Bridge to the Rikers Island Visitors Center.To get to the Q100 bus, you need to take the E train (of the A-C-E, the blue line), the R train (of the N-R-Q, the yellow line) or the M train (of the B-D-F-M, the orange line) to Queens Plaza. Then exit the subway and walk 2 blocks along Queens Plaza South (where the Queensboro/59th Street Bridge runs) to 28th Street. The bus stops at 28th Street and Bridge Plaza South/Queens Plaza South.But without knowing where in Brooklyn you're coming from, I cannot tell you how to get to the E, R or Mtrains.

You definitely need a passport to visit Campobello Island and also to return to Lubec Maine. Lubec and Campobello Island are two beautiful places and well worth the visit. It is an unspoiled paradise, no fast food, no traffic lights, no chains of any sort. Just small town charm and wonderful nature. You can watch whales from the shoreline on Campobello Island.

You will need to visit the Menard's website and complete their Contractor Hauling Form.

If you need the IRS form 1040 then you should either call the IRS or visit your local tax offices and see if they can possibly provide you with a form.

do i need a passport to visit Kenya

You Need To Go To Faraway island for mew but you need a ticket or hack on computer but i dont know where mewtwo is so visit

You need the Turnscote Pendant. You need to first visit Mt. Snowhere, which can be found on the snowy, mountainous area at the north tip of the southwestern island.

Yes you will need a visa to visit Malaysia.

You need either a Passport or a new Identity Card. No other form of ID is acceptable to airlines or ferry operators.

No. Britons do not need a VISA to visit Spain.

yes am lebanese and i need a visa to visit thailand

yes they need visas to visit dubai

do i need an Esta to visit Jamaica? regards

Do Jamaican need visa to visit Guyana

Do Canadians need a visa to visit germany

riley is located on iron island if you need help visit youtube and follow marriland or superskamorys walkthruoghs to help you through.

The skyscraper is past the bank, downtown. You need to be a superhero to go downtown (get your ID from the costume store, and visit the prison).

You need to contact the embassy or consulate for Chian that is closest to you. You will have to fill out an application and you may need to fill out more form for the U.S. State department.

You need both a passport and a visa to visit China.

Yes Canadians need Visa to visit Rwanda

Tourists wishing to visit Canada need a valid passport.

go to and type in W-7 form. u will need to either have a printer to print the forms out or visit a office that carries these forms.

Hello Yes, you will need a VISA to visit Maldives.

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