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Walking - we all have to get from A to B.

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Q: What form of physical activity has the lowest dropout rate?
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What is a school physical?

A school physical, also known as a pre-participation physical examination or sports physical, is a medical examination that evaluates a student's overall health and fitness level. It is often required before participating in school sports or other physical activities to ensure the individual is healthy and able to safely engage in the activity.

What is the most popular form of health-related physical activity in the US?


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What is a vigorous movement?

Vigorous physical activity is the kind of physical activity that involves considerable muscular exertion by arms, legs, and/or torso. Such things as running, swimming, boxing, weight lifting, etc., are forms of vigorous physical exertion. In comparison, typing on my keyboard is a form of mild physical exertion.

What is the lowest form of 4 percent?

4% is the lowest form of in percentages, if writing as a fraction, then 1/25 is lowest form

Is sitting an abstract?

Sitting is an activity (gerund form of to sit). Activity nouns are neither abstract nor concrete, because the actions, while observable, are not themselves physical objects.

Do all school have to have sports?

In the sense of interschool competition, no they do not. Most schools do incorporate some form of physical activity program.

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The lowest form is 1/8

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What is any kind of movement that causes your body to use energy A physical fitness B physical activity C physical abilities D physical skills?

no, the energy needs energy to do any form of energy or work for the energy.

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It is: 1 and 3 in lowest form