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Simple having a name does not give us clear information as to what form of "tener" we should use. What is critical to do is to replace the name with a pronoun and that will give us a clear idea of what form of "tener" we should use.

For example, let's look at the following sentences and their translations into Spanish:

Tom has a book. // He has a book.
Hey Tom, have a book! // Imperative You have a book.
Tom and Max have a book. // They have a book.
I, Tom, have a book. // I have a book.

Tom tiene un libro.
Oye Tom, ¡tengas un libro!
Tom y Max tienen un libro.
Yo, Tom, tengo un libro.

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Q: What form of tener do i use for names?
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What does tener mean in spanish?

Tener is the infinitive form of the verb "to have".

Is tener a conjunction?

No, the Spanish word "tener" is a verb. It is the infinitive form of the verb "to have."

What is the incorrect use of a Spanish idiom with the verb tener?

Incorrect uses? Here are some. These are all proper expressions when Estar is used with them, but not tener. Tener mal - To have bad Tener bueno - To have good Tener triste - To have sad Tener avergonzado - To have ashamed

What is a Spanish idiom?

An idiomatic phrase is a phrase that can't be translated literally. Here are some: Tener ganas de - to feel like Tener prisa - to be in a hurrt Tener hambre - to be hungry Tener razón - to be right Tener sed - to be thirsty Tener .... años - to be ..... years old Tener que - to have to Ir a - i am going to As you can see, these phrases all use tener. So, just conjugate tener to make the idiomatic phrases. For example: "I have to do my homework" = Yo tengo que hacer mí tarea Tener ganas de and Tener que, and ir a always use an infinitive right after them. There are other idiomatic phrases, but those are the most common ones.

How do you say 'have a' in Spanish?

to have is the infinitive form of the irregular verb "tener" "yo tengo " means exactly the same like the phrase "i have "

How do you say I have to in Spanish?

"to have to" is a conjugated form of "tener que." "I have to" is "Tengo que..."

What is puede tener?

puede tener

What is tener in English?

tener means-to have

Espero que tienes un buen día?

I hope you have a good day. Usually, you would use the subjunctive form of tener here, which is "tenga".

What is the birth name of Marie Tener?

Marie Tener's birth name is Anna Marie Tener.

What does Usos del verbo tener mean?

Usos del verbo tener = uses of the verb "tener" Tener in Spanish (usually) means "to have" in English.

How do you say Tiene in English?

"Tiene" is the third person singular form of the verb "tener". It means "you/he/she has".