Atoms and Atomic Structure

What forms when atoms combine?

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When atoms combine what do they make?

Combined atoms forms molecules.

Is Two or more different atoms combine chemically to form an element?

if two or more atoms combine, it chemically forms something yes.

When atoms combine chemicaly what they form?

they form molecules of the same atoms. like if you take an example , when we combine two atoms of hydrogen (H) then it forms a molecule of hydrogen (H2).

What happens to the energy when atoms combine?

they make up forms of molecules

How do atoms combine to form different types of matter?

When they combine, some atoms fuse together and form molecules. For example, water (H2O) forms this way.

When atoms combine with another atom WHAT HAPPENs?

a new chemical compound forms

How is a molecule form?

A molecule forms when two atoms combine with each other.

When two chlorine atoms combine with each other what bond forms?


What forms when two or more atoms chemically combine?

A chemical compound is formed.

What forms a compound?

Atoms of elements combine in fixed ratios will form compounds.

2 chlorine atoms combine with each other what type of bond forms?


How are there only a few atoms yet millions of substances?

Each atom can exist in many forms on its own. Then when you combine each of the forms with each of the forms of the other atoms, the number of substances increases exponentially.

When one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms combine what forms?

H20 (water) ...water, h2o?

What happens when 2 hydrogen atoms combine chemically?

When 2 hydrogen atoms combine it forms hydrogen which causes it to lose an electron which I a hugely exothermic reaction of approx 5500 degrees (this is for the suns heat)

Hydrogen atoms combine to form what?

when hydrogen combines with an element it forms hydrides . the binary compound of hydrogen.

What is formed when you combine atoms together?

atoms combine to give molecules

Are needed for atoms to combine?

Bonds are needed in order for atoms to combine

What atoms form when they combine together?

When atoms combine they form molecules.

How many atoms of aluminum combine with three atoms of oxygen?

Theoritically, according to charge, two atoms are needed. Although as aluminium oxide is an ionic compound, it forms a crystalline lattice.

Why do atoms of elements combine?

atoms of elements combine to form molecules of compounds.

What are atoms that chemically combine called?

Atoms that chemically combine form a molecule.

Is it true that atoms with the same outer level combine with other atoms?

No. Some do. But not all atoms "with the same outer level" will combine with others - for instance, atoms of noble gases won't combine with one another. And not all atoms that combine with others are equal.

How do atoms combine to form elements?

Atoms don't combine to form elements, atoms are elements. Atoms are defined as the smallest particles that contains all the properties of an element. Atoms combine to form chemical compounds.

Who discovered atoms combine into molecules?

Dalton discovered that atoms combine to form molecules.

Do molecules combine to make atoms?

Two or more atoms combine to form a molecule.