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The fossil fuel that requires the most energy before it can be used as a fuel is the natural gas. Coal and oil are fossils that will not require so much energy to used as fuel.

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How is fossil fuel energy produced?

Fossil fuel energy is produced by commbustion.

What must occur for the potential energy of fossiL fuel to change into other forms of energy?

"Combustion" must occur before the potential energy can be released from fossil fuels... examples of fossil fuel... gasoline and coal, both are "burned" to create their energy

Is nuclear a fuel or a fossil fuel?

Nuclear energy is not a fossil fuel or any fuel at all. Radiation is used to create energy. The energy is "the Fuel" petroleum

What are other energy besides fossil fuels?

Fossil fuel is not energy its a energy source and yes there is more energy sources besides the fossil fuel like coal and others.

What is the defeniton of a fossil fuel power plant?

A fossil fuel power plant is a system of devices for the conversion of fossil fuel energy to mechanical work or electric energy

What type of energy that you cannot get from fossil fuel?

solar energy, if we didn't have solar, get ready to say bye-bye to earth, we will all be dead. We need solar energy before we can even hav fossil fuel energy. (wind energy is another one)

Is solar energy fossil fuel?

No it isn't a fossil fuel. Fossil fuels include coal and oil.

Which of these accurately describes a difference between nuclear energy and fossil fuel?

Nuclear fuel has a higher energy density than fossil fuels.

How is energy released from a fossil fuel?

fossil fuels must be burned to release their energy

Which of these is a form of nonrenewable energy?

Fossil Fuel energy

Is solar energy a fossil fuel?


Is water a fossil fuel energy?


Is fossil fuel nuclear energy?

No because fossil fuel is its own energy from decayed things just like nuclear has its own.

Is fossil fuel a resource?

Yes, fossil fuel is a (non-renewable and polluting) source of energy.

Is geothermal not a fossil fuel or is it a fossil fuel?

Geothermal energy is not a fossil fuel, because it is harnessing energy from the thermal heat energy within the earth and is not dependent upon decomposed ancient plants and animals, which is what coal, oil, and natural gas are, which is why they are called "fossil fuels."

What nonrenewable energy resources are fossil fuels?

Fossil fuel is nonrenewable source energy. :P

Is fossil fuels kinetic or potential energy?

fossil fuel is potential of the energy stored inside

How does nuclear energy conserve fossil fuels?

Nuclear energy conserves the use of fossil fuel because if there is a nuclear power station there is no need to burn fossil fuel in that region.

Explain why wood is a fuel but not a fossil fuel?

Wood is a fuel as it can provide energy by burning. But, it is not formed by fossils and hence not called a fossil fuel.

What is a nonrenewable resource that is not a fossil fuel?

Nuclear energy derived from uranium in a nonrenewable resource, but not a fossil fuel

Is hydroelectric energy a fossil fuel?

No it is its own source of energy

What source of energy does fossil fuel contain?

Chemical energy

Is a fossil fuel an example of mechanical energy?

Fossil fuel in itself is simply an example of potential energy, which can be changed to mechanical energy by burning, thus changing from potential energy to heat energy and then to mechanical energy.

Is wind energy fossil fuel?


Is fossil fuel is source of energy?