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Fennec Foxes and Arctic foxes do, Red Foxes sometimes do.

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Yes, fennec foxes mate for life.

Yes, both red foxes and gray foxes mate but not with each other.

Foxes mate in winter and the young are born in spring.

Most species of canines, such as dogs and wolves, take more than one mate. However, foxes, despite being social animals, only have one mate for their entire lifetime.

Arctic foxes mate somewhere around in springArctic foxes mate between February and June.

Some animals that mate for life are gray wolves, gibbon apes, foxes, and some types of fish & birds like the golden eagle.

Yes, Arctic foxes normally mate each year.

no, wolfes, foxes and panda bears mate for life.

No, foxes are incompatible. Foxes are "Vulpes" wolves, coyotes, jackals and dogs are "Canis"

they mate in the spring time and early summer

No, it is genetically impossible for a dog to mate with a fox.

Some do, and some don't, similar to humans. It depends on the species to be more specific. The male fox will often hang around to help raise the young. However, during the next year, some will mate with the same partner again while others will find a different mate. It's all about fitness of the species. typically foxes mate for life. the ones that do, if the male dies, then the female will find another mate, but if the female of the pair dies, then the male will not mate with another female ever again.

The top ten animals that mate for life according to live science are: Foxes Dogs Human Goats Sheep Duck Hen Lion Tiger Cat

First the female needs to find a mate then they have sex and bam! Baby foxes!

No, they are too far apart genetically to breed and produce offspring.

all animals mate in the im going with they mate in the day time.

No, they do not mate for life.

She fell in love with him after he rescued her from two foxes.

No, platypuses do not mate for life.

do leopards mate for life?

yes, they mate for life

It is probably a fox and its mate or a mother and her kit.

Yes flamingos do mate for life.

No. Possums are not monogamous. They do not mate for life.

No. Koalas do not mate for life. A dominant male will mate with as many females as he can.

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