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Q: What frets do you play for the Cm7 chord?
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Related questions

Cm7 chord on piano?

C minor seventh chord or Cm7: C Eb G Bb

How do you play chord and not stop a string from playing?

You must keep your fingers of your left hand on the same frets as the chord, after you strum across the strings. If you release your fingers from the frets, the string will stop vibrating very rapidly.

What chord is B for guitar?

That would be a Barred A on the second fret, or move the A chord up two frets and play only the fingered strings.

What frets are power chords played on?

Power chords are played on two or three strings and always span three frets. The fret on which to actually play the chord depends on what note you want to play.

How do you play a Cm7 chord on the guitar?

First Finger: Bar over ADGBE strings, 3rd fret. Second Finger: B string, 4th fret. Third Finger: D string, 5th fret. That's how to play a Cm7 on the guitar.

What does the guitar chord Hm look like on the frets or how can you find it?

Hm is the same as the Bm chord.

How do you trnaspose in guitar chords?

Its all in the neck. Make an F chord. Move it two frets and F becomes G. Two mre frets G becomes A.

Is there a B cord in the guitar?

Do you mean a guitar string, or a chord of three or more notes? The second string (next to thinnest) on a guitar is usually tuned to a B note. A B chord is an A chord barred up two frets. A B7 chord can be played open, and can usually pass for a B chord in a song.

What is the devil's chord?

it's a chord that incorporates a flat 5 or sharp 4. if you're doing it on guitar, it's the interval 6 frets apart. think, power chord with the higher note one fret lower.

How many frets does a baritone ukulele have?

It depends on the maker. My Harmony has 18 frets. The minimum would likely be 12 frets and the more frets you have, the closer together they get, making them harder to play.

Why are there frets on a guitar?

I think frets are on a guitar in order to make a tune and play different notes.

How many chords are on an ukulele?

The number is pretty large. Part of the answer depends on the number of notes you can play on a specific ukulele, which is based on the size and number of frets. A chord is defined as two or more notes played simultaneously. And sometimes the same chord will have two different names. And there is more than one possible way to make the same chord.I have a chord book that lists 1008 different chords that are used on the ukulele.

How do you play drums on frets on fire?

Yes, you can play drums on Frets on Fire with an addon called Hering. Look it up on their official wiki site.

What is the a minor 7 chord look like?

Notes: C, E♭, G, B♭ Chord Symbols: Cm7, Cmin7, C--7, C-- Intervals: 3rd-minor, 5th-perfect, 7th-minor Does this help?

What chord is lower than an Em chord?

Any chord CAN be lower depending on how it's played. For example: If you play an A chord above the E chord, it's higher, however, if you play that same A chord an octave lower, it's lower.

What are the chords for details by Wouter Hamel?

intro: Bbmaj7 - Bmin7b5 - Cm7 - Ebm7 Bbmaj7 - Bmin7b5 - Cm7 - F6 couplet/chorus: Cm7 - F6 - Dm7 - Gm7 Cm7 - F6 - Bmaj7 - Bmin7b5

What is a broken chord?

A broken chord is when you play a chord in one hand and play the same in the other just in a pattern eg: Adele - Someone like you/ A chord is separated.

How do you play f7 chord on paino?

to play an f7 chord you must play a f, a, c and e flat

A sentence with chord in it?

Play the G chord on the guitar.

What is the use of frets?

Frets are used on the fingerboard of some stringed instruments. They are located to make it easier to play a specific note.

How do you play a diminished chord?

You play your major chord, then lower the middle note a half step, and lower the top note a half step, and you have a diminished chord!

What is d2 in flute chord?

You can't play a chord on a flute.

Can you play frets on fire online?

No, you can't, you can only download and play, sorry!

What are the lyrics of In the realm of your glory?

go to Chords and lyrics - I believe this is the key Roy does it in, but I prefer Em7. The chord progressing for Em7 is Em7, Bm7, D, A (Sorry about the formatting - the chords aren't displaying above the correct word): Cm7-------Gm7 This is a realm of your glory Bb-------F This is a realm of your grace Cm7------Gm7 I can feel your mighty power Bb------F It is moving in this place In the presence of angels With God's glory on the wings Like the voice of many waters I can hear the angels sing Cm7---Gm7 Bb--F Singing Ho-ly, Ho-ly Cm7-Gm7-Bb-F Ho-ly, Ho-ly Cm7-Gm7-Bb--F Ho-ly, Ho-ly Cm7-Gm7-Bb-F Ho-ly, Ho-ly * Repeat using "Worthy," and "Glory" Cm7--Gm7--Bb---F La da da La da da La da da La da da Cm7--Gm7--Bb --F La da da La da da La da da La da da

How do you play a g chord?

It depends on what you mean. To play a G major chord, you play a G, B, and D at the same time.