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olives in his martini's Albert Broccoli was involved in the 007 films


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A fruit that is a vegetable a tomatto

No a fruit is a fruit which has seeds. A vegetable is a vegetable that we have to make into a salad or currys

A pair is a fruit, not a vegetable

An onion is a vegetable not a fruit.

A Vegetable, as it is the stem of the plant and not it's fruit.Rhubarb in a vegetable but for culinary purposes it is a fruit

if it has seeds then it is a fruit but it belongs to the vegetable family so if it has seeds an eggplant is a fruit and a vegetable

tomato is not a vegetable, its a fruit because fruit has seed

Yes, an avocado is a fruit. There are two ways you can tell if a fruit/vegetable is a vegetable or a fruit. 1) If it has seeds, it's a fruit. If it doesn't, it's a vegetable. 2) If it continues to ripen after it's picked then it is a fruit. If not, vegetable.

It is a fruit but it may be used as a vegetable.

Brinjal is a fruit used as a vegetable.

Outter skin is a fruit or vegetable

An apricot is a fruit and a avocado is a vegetable or an aubergine

It is a fruit, for culinary purposes it is a vegetable

its not a fruit or vegetable. its sugar.

Uvilla is a fruit. Ulluco is a vegetable.

It is a fruit but eaten as a vegetable

Mustard is not a fruit or vegetable, it is a condiment.

An onion is a vegetable. Answer: With no doubt, onion is a vegetable, not a fruit.

Reliance purchase fruit and vegetable. how reliance fresh purchase his fruit and vegetable what is the procedure

An orchid is neither a fruit or vegetable, it is a flower.

A gourd is a freaking vegetable not a fruit. Guh

It is a fruit but is treated as a vegetable in regard to its preperation.

If it has a seed its a fruit if it has no seed its a vegetable.

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