What fuel do top dragsters use?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Any car or motorcycle that is a true "TOP FUEL" vehicle, uses a mixture of methanol (alcohol) and nitromethane. The current NHRA rules allow for a mixture of 90% nitromethane to 10% alcohol.

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Q: What fuel do top dragsters use?
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What fuel do dragsters take?

Some use gasoline, some use alcohol, and the top fuel dragsters burn nitro methane.

How much do the trailers top fuel nhra dragsters use cost?

They are around $250,000.

At what speeds can the dragsters travel?

Top fuel dragsters regularly hit 300mph by the quarter-mile mark.

How much does top fuel dragsters fuel cost?

$180,000-$200,000 $180,000-$200,000

What is the fastest raceing car in the world?

Top Fuel dragsters racing in the NHRA.

Which cars can get to 100 mph in under 5 seconds?

top fuel dragsters

Is there such thing as a supercharged hemi?

Yes, all Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars are supercharged hemi's.

What is Nitomethane?

its ran in NHRA top fuel dragsters and funny cars, it burns really hot and extremaly fast

What fuels can you use to run a car?

unleaded gasoline(99%) nitrometane- top fuel dragsters/funny cars Compressed Natural Gas Propane Hydrogen Bio fuel-alcohol Diesel Bio-diesel Vegetable oil

How fast do dragracer go?

1/4 mile top fuel dragsters can do the 1/4 mile under 5 seconds

What is the longest drag racing car?

Top Fuel dragsters are limited to a 300 inch sheel base. The car would be over 30 feet long.

How do top fuel dragsters work?

Very basically they have internal combustion engines just like a family car. The fun of course is in the differences! The road car needs to go steadily and use as little fuel as possible. The top car's aim is to burn fuel as fast as possible to deliver that short but intense burst of speed. One of the main ways it does this is to burn a very different fuel, nitromethane mixed with a little methanol.