What fuse do you use in an iron?

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13 Amp
My Iron uses this and I learnt this from AS physics on a task sheet
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What is a fuse and what is it used for?

A fuse is a safety device that lies in series in a circuit between an electrical source and its associated load(s). When the current, or flow of electricity, exceeds its designed threshold, the fuse is calibrated to permanently open the series circuit, thereby disconnecting the load(s) from the powe ( Full Answer )

What is iron used for?

Iron is used in a variety of products from pots, pans, fences, andornamental items, but the vast majority of iron is used in theproduction of steel, used as a structural material in theconstruction of large projects like bridges and buildings, infasteners, cookware, automotive parts, trains and rail ( Full Answer )

What are the uses of iron?

Iron was used in the mid evil ages to make weapons and armor. We still use it today to make steel. -Making cars, trucks, vans, airplanes, ships, building supports/ frames, tools, nails, paper clips, staples, cutlery...

What do we use iron for?

Answer . ¨ helps carry oxygen to the cells. ¨ Prevents iron-deficiency anemia, which can make you feel tired, short of. breath, pale and weak.

Why are fuses used?

A fuse is a safety device designed to prevent excessive electrical current from damaging electrical devices. If the current in a circuit exceeds a predetermined value, a metal strip inside the fuse will melt and break the circuit.. Fuses are used to protect equipment or cables. The fuse is chosen t ( Full Answer )

What is a fuse used for?

A fuse is a safety device that lies in series in a circuit between an electrical source and its associated load(s). When the current, or flow of electricity, exceeds its designed threshold, the fuse is calibrated to permanently open the series circuit, thereby disconnecting the load(s) from the powe ( Full Answer )

What are uses of iron?

Iron is useful in our society today because iron is virtually used in everything : building ( bridge , highway , rail road , etc.) , transportation (car , train , boats , plane , etc.) , tools (knife , machines , etc.)

Why is iron used for railway lines?

Iron is rarely used anymore in railway lines. Steel is used mostlynow because it is very flexible and is less vulnerable to crackingand chipping.

What guitars do iron maiden use?

Each member owns and uses many, but the ones they favor the most are: Steve Harris: '71(I think) Fender Precision, used over the last 30 years and underwent several paint jobs, currently white with the West Ham logo Dave Murray: '63/'57(body from 63 and neck from 57) black Fender Stratocaster.( ( Full Answer )

Uses of iron?

-Making cars, trucks, and vans -Making steel -Making building supports -Making airplanes -Making Warships( Picture From the Front Page is a Destroyer) -Making Ships( Fishing and Trade) -Making office supplies (staples, nails, and paper clips) -Making computers -Making furniture

What can you use iron for?

You can use iron for a great many reasons including keeping yourbody from becoming anemic. You can also use iron to create tools.

What are the uses for iron?

Iron is used for many things in our society today, like, for example, buildings, transportation, and tools.

What are the Uses of fuse?

They are a safety feature in the case of an energy surge - without the fuse damage could be dome to the appliance, with the fuse if their is a surge of electricity it burns out the fuse so can't travel all the way to the appliance damaging it.

How is iron useful?

It's a very durable material, and can be made into many things, as well as reinforce them.

What are uses for iron?

Iron is used for making steel, together with carbon. If you mix iron and carbon together at a ratio of 99% steel and 1% carbon, you get an alloy called hard steel. Which, as its name suggests, is very strong.

Why do you use fuses?

Fuse (electrical) . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . Jump to: navigation, search 200 A Industrial fuse. 80 kA breaking capacity.. Electronic symbols for a fuse. IEC (upper) and American (lower two) versions.. In electronics and electrical engineering a fuse (short for fusible lin ( Full Answer )

Where iron can be used?

iron can be used in -Making cars, trucks, and vans -Making steel -Making building supports -Making airplanes -Making Warships( Picture From the Front Page is a Destroyer) -Making Ships( Fishing and Trade) -Making office supplies (staples, nails, and paper clips) -Making computers - ( Full Answer )

What is the use of fuse?

A fuse is a weak point in an electrical circuit designed to fail if too much electricity passes through the circuit. If there was no fuse and too much electricity went through it it could cause fires or damage the equipment.

What do you use fuses in?

Electrical circuits, to limit the maximum current flow.. Fuses will "blow", or burn out, and cause an open circuit, to stop the flow of current when it could potentially damage a circuit, system, or device.

What is fuse used for?

For protection in an electrical circuit, for de-initiating an explosion or combustion of any sort.

Is it worth fixing an iron that keeps blowing fuses in your house?

It may not be the iron that is the problem. It might be what else is on that same circuit that you plug the iron into. To check the problem out, unscrew the fuse and see what else on the circuit shuts off. If there are any loads that can be unplugged do so. Then try the iron again and see if the fus ( Full Answer )

What is iron used for and why?

Iron compounds are used as a food nutritional supplement. Iron is rarely used for any other purpose than manufacturing various types of steel, by adding carbon, or by adding other metals. This is because almost any type of steel is superior to iron in almost any category you want to mention ex ( Full Answer )

What is a iron used for?

It is used for many things, the most popular is to straighten out either hair, or your clothes, by taking out the wrinkles and kinks.

What is the use of a fuse?

The purpose of an automotive fuse is to keep the electronic device the fuse is protecting from being damaged in the case of a short in the wiring. It also keeps the risk of a fire down as a shorted wire will create heat and could possibly burn the car up if unfused.

How and where is iron used?

Iron has several uses. It is used in the making of machines, tools,cars, large ships, planes, and several other things. It is used tomake steel, pots, pans, and is even needed in the human body.

What Are the uses of the fuse?

The uses of the fuse are to create bombs, it would be best if you just stay away from it or if you do not want robbers bombing your house you should just pull out all the wires in the fuse.

What is the use for iron in the human blood?

Human iron metabolism is the set of chemical reactions maintaining human homeostasis of iron. Iron is an essential element for most life on Earth, including human beings. The control of this necessary but potentially toxic substance is an important part of many aspects of human health and disease. ( Full Answer )

Whatr is an iron cage used for?

The iron cage was usually hung outside the city gates. In it was placed a prisoner whose punishment was death for some crime they had committed. They were locked in the cage to die of thirst and hunger. Even when dead they were usually left for many weeks so that the birds and other animals who had ( Full Answer )

What can you use when flat ironing hair?

ARROJO Thermal protect is a great product to protect the hair before flat ironing it. You can Buy it in Manhattan at the ARROJO cosmetology school located on king street between 6th ave and Varrick.

How do plants and animals use iron?

In the ground. It is mined. It is also found in cars, trucks, trains, bridges, homes, roadways, sky scrapers, boats, everywhere. It used to be able to be found at the Bethlehem Steel mill in Sparrow's Point.Do you even lift bruh?

How is fuse use?

The fuse is the weak link in the chain. It has a lower current limit than the rest of the circuit. Should a dangerous over current occur the fuse will 'blow' or burn out, thus protecting the circuit from the over current fault.

Why is iron not used on drain pipes?

Iron rusts easily when combined with water, and drain pipes have water flowing through them. If iron was used, the pipes would rust within a few days.

How is electricity used in an electric iron?

Electric iron contains a resistance wire (nichrome) . When a current of I amp is passed through the wire, electrical energy equal to I^2Rt (joules) is produced which is entirely converted to heat. This is a unique characteristic of resistance element as compared to capacitors or inductors where ther ( Full Answer )

What is used to make iron ore?

iron ore itself makes the iron bar but unless you have the superheat item spell you have a 50% chance of converting ore to bar now though after an update some time ago once u get i think lvl 45 which then it becomes 80%

Why iron lungs was used in the past?

They were invented in the 1950's to assist polio victims in breathing when their respiratory muscles became paralyzed.

Why mica is used in electric iron?

Mica is actually a group of minerals mined around the world, but with notable deposits in Africa and Russia. It has a number of interesting properties making it useful in a variety of specialized applications. Sheet mica has long been used in the electronic and electrical industries because of its ( Full Answer )

Use of iron in your body?

Haemoglobin. This is needed to carry oxygen around the body and occurs in red blood cells

Uses of cast iron?

Cast Iron is commonly used for cooking, pans and saucers etc. It is also used for BBQs. It also used to be used for the construction of bridges. Designers also use it to create furniture, particularly outdoor patio pieces. It is also used in pipe plumbing. Source: eHow.com

Why do they use iron?

because it is strong reasonably easy to use and form into tools abundant and relatively cheap.

Is my iron faulty when I use it the fuses blow?

yes A more correct answer is "possibly." That may be the problem. It could also be that the iron is overloading the circuit and causing the fuse to blow. Depending on the house design, there is probably more than one outlet on the circuit. If you're talking about a fuse that is part of the iron, ( Full Answer )

Why can't a star fuse chemical elements beyond iron?

It sure can - and some stars do, to a minor degree. However, it can no longer gain energy from this fusion - it costs energy to create heavier elements. --- To fuse Iron, you would need a huge amount of heat and pressure, higher than what can be provided by even the massive stars is existence. The ( Full Answer )

Why does iron not yield energy if fused with something else?

Because iron has very little binding energy , to get it to fuse you must add binding energy. This takes a supernova explosion or a powerful particle accelerator. Elements lighter than iron have excess binding energy that can be releases by fusion, but not iron (or any heavier element).