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They were made in .410 bore, 20, 16, 12 gauge, and may have had 32 and 28 gauge options, though they are rare if they exist.

It should say on the barrel what gauge and choke it is.

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Q: What gage is the model 940A Stevens single shot break over shot gun?
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How old is Savage Arms Stevens Model 940?

Model 940a pore shape what is it worth

Can a Stevens 940A 20 gauge single shot shotgun shoot a slug?


How much a Stevens model 940A 12 gauge breakopen shotgun is worth?


What is the age of a 16 gauge Stevens Model 940A shotgun?

About 20 years old

What is a Stevens Model 940A 16 gauge shotgun worth?

$17 in good condition

How much a Stevens model 940A 20 gauge shotgun worth?

How much is a model 940 worth

You have an old 12 ga Stevens model 940a single barrel savage arms corp some one offered 150 for it should you take it or is it worth more?

If that's in US dollars, take it.

Where can you find the serial number on a Stevens 940A single shot break-action shotgun?

It probably doesn't have one. Serialization of long arms was not required before 1968 and few manufacturers of utility-grade shotguns used them.

Can a Savage Arms Stevens Model 940 shoot slugs?

I have owned a 12 GA 940A for 35 years, and it WAS in pristeen shape. Just this year I shot a coupple slugs through it. I will never do that again! The barrel was slightly scored, and it opened at the break point, each time! I did minor dammage to the gun, and Im lucky I didnt get hurt.

What is the age and value of a 410 Stevens Model 940A side break shotgun marked Savage Arms Corporation Westfield Mass USA?

I don't know the value but my grandfather was born in 1888 & left one for my dad. He said his best friend gave it to him when his son shot himselft with it. I'm guessing early 1900's. The value in mine is purely sentimental.

Is the Stevens model 940A Savage Arms the same as the model 940 or 94 for parts?

I suspect here may be a difference in the sights or stock, but the internals should be interchangeable. You should be able to get a definative answer from either Savage Arms or Numrich Gunparts at the related links posted on this page. *I checked Numrich and the stock numbers for model 94 parts are not similar to those of the 940. The only part listed for the 940A is the stock, so perhaps the other parts can all come from the 940. If you call to place an order, I'm sure they'll help you decide.

What is the approximate value and age of a Steven s 940A single shot shotgun?

50-160 USD; 60's give or take

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