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The North American version of Final Fantasy 3, also known as Final Fantasy 6 in Japan, was originally released on the Super Nintendo in 1994. The original Japanese Final Fantasy 3 was only released in North America on the Nintendo DS system in 2006.

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Final Fantasy XIII is the latest Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System/NES and Famicom. It is the first installment in the series.

Final fantasy 1-6 were nintendo.7 and on are playstation.these are the original games only

its a fantasy 4...

There is going to be a Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy XII & Final Fantasy 7 & Final Fantasy XIII-2 & Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy VIII & Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns.P.s: My opinion.

The famous game Final Fantasy VI can be played on the following gaming systems personal computers and PSOne. It can also be played on xBox gaming systems.

A common question, the answer is very simple; SquareSoft was going bankrupt and the first Final Fantasy was to be their last game, it was to be their final fantasy game. as we all know, they did not go bankrupt, Final Fantasy saved them.Signed,Phoenix

Yes. Final Fantasy is an action RPG. (Role Playing Game)

It was just called 'Final Fantasy'.

The Mithra are a race from Final Fantasy XI.

Reviews from the game Final Fantasy IV can be found at Gamespot and Metacritic. There are many reviews from others who have played the game which one may find helpful.

Tifa Lockhart appears in Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.

Yes it will be a amzaing game its final fantasy but the battle system of kingodm hearts it wil so amazing if he come sout and its exclusieve for ps3

They are many Final Fantasy games for different platforms there are 14 main games at the moment each game follows a different story line. Final Fantasy XIV the newest game is a online game so is final fantasy XI.

The newest game and in my opinion the best Final Fantasy IV (4)

Arguably, Final Fantasy VI or VII is consider the best game in Final Fantasy series. Although Final Fantasy VI get little more praised, Final Fantasy VII is more loved because its wider appeal.

All of them are hard, but in my opinion, Final Fantasy XIII

No it is not. No final fantasy game is multiplayer.

There are no cheats for any Final Fantasy game

No. Final Fantasy is fictional. Final Fantasy is a video game created by Square, Co. and therefore cannot be real.

Final Fantasy IV is the fourth game in the Final Fantasy series. Its main character is Cecil, a Dark Knight.

Only three Final Fantasy series have sequels: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII. Final Fantasy X's sequel is very obviously Final Fantasy X-2. Final Fantasy VII has one video game sequel and a movie that takes place after the game as well, which can also be considered a sequel. Final Fantasy XII has the DS sequel, Revenant Wings. So overall, about four sequels total.

The most powerful sword in the video game 'Final Fantasy' was the Ragnarok sword that was featured in the 'Final Fantasy Tactics A2:Grimoire of the Rift' game.

Well let's see... There's the 13 Final Fantasys. The sequel to final fantasy x (x-2) The 3 Final Fantasy Legend games for the Game Boy. The Final Fantasy Adventure game for the Game Boy (although that's from the Secret of Mana family) Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus for the Ps2. Final Fantasy Crisis Core for the PsP Final Fantasy Tactics for the Psx Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the Game Boy Advance Final Fantasy Revenant Wings for the DS The 2 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle games for the Gamecube Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, The Crystal Bearers for the Wii And Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring Of Fate for the DS And I haven't even mentioned the updated ones, or the collection ones....