What games did Neanderthals play?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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CoD, they still do.

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Q: What games did Neanderthals play?
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Did neanderthals have fun?

No not really, neanderthals were all about surival.

What were the first homo sapiens knowned as?


Are the neanderthals Jews?

No. Neanderthals existed in pre-Judaic times.

How do neanderthals put out fire?

If neanderthals were real? With water, or dirt.

When as the neanderthals born?

The Neanderthals were born about 40,000 years ago

What did neanderthals use for transportations?

Neanderthals used there feet for transportation

Were Neanderthal and neanderthals' world the same documentary?

It is incorrect to refer to Neanderthals as "Neanderthals' world." Neanderthals were a species of ancient humans that existed in the Paleolithic era, while "Neanderthal" is often used to describe the species as a whole. "Neanderthal" and "Neanderthals' world" would not typically be used interchangeably in a documentary about them.

What category of animal do neanderthals fall into?

Neanderthals are early humans, therefore they are mammals

Is there any interaction between us and neanderthals?

Neanderthals are extinct, no interaction exists.

What type of hominid was the croods and why?

The Croods were Neanderthals. This is evident from their robust physical features, similar to Neanderthals, such as strong brows and stocky builds, as depicted in the animated movie.

When did neanderthals exsist?

Fully developed Neanderthals lived from 130,000 to 27,000 years ago.

Are there commonalities between neanderthals and marsupials?

Neanderthals and all marsupials are members of the class Mammalia (mammals).