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Soccer, Cricket, and also the kids play hopscotch

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Q: What games do Pakistan people play?
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What do people play in Pakistan?

The favorite game of most of the Pakistanis is cricket. Other games played in Pakistan are hockey, football, and badminton.

Did the xbox 360 in Pakistan is modded when you buy it?

Yes,they are because in Pakistan normal people can only play copied games since originals are expensive,but there are also unmodded consoles available in Pakistan.

What kind of games do the children play in Pakistan?

CHILDREN play field hocky

What games do Nigeria people play?

games people play in Nigeria?

What do Pakistan people do in their free time?

The Pakistani people play cricket in their free time

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How many commonwealth games did Pakistan host?

Pakistan have never hosted the Commonwealth Games.

When was Games People Play - album - created?

Games People Play - album - was created on 1993-05-03.

How many people from Pakistan competed in the commonwealth games?

Pakistan originally announced that its delegation for the 2014 games would consist of 62 athletes, however only 48 actually competed.

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How kushti reflect the culture of Pakistan?

Kushti Starts when people have no fun to do then some people have starts this. IN the meanwhile this fight become a useful play.Now in Pakistan as well as in India its very popular play.But this play reflect the culture of Pakistan because this play played several times in Pakistan. However kushti is now part of pakistani culture.

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