Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What games will Pokemon Platinum trade with?

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Diamond, pearl, and other platinum versions

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no you cannot't trade Pokemon from Pokemon black to Pokemon platinum or any past games.

You'll need to trade for it or migrate it from the older Pokemon GBA games. Trade

you need to trade it over from other Pokemon gamesYou'll need to trade for it from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

you see all the Pokemon in platinum and trade from your other games like emerald, blue, fire red etc and that is how you find all Pokemon in platinum.

You can get a Chimchar if you trade it from games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

No you cannot trade from Sapphire to Platinum. The closest thing that you can do to that is migrate from Sapphire to Platinum.

It is possible to trade Pokemon platinum to diamond and pearl, but you cannot trade to any other game.

The only way to get Lugia in Pokemon Platinum, is to use Action Replay, or to trade from other games.

as far as i know its not possible to obtain a "wild" groudon on Pokemon platinum. however you can trade it in from other games such as Pokemon soul silver.

No, Mewtwo cannot be caught in Pokemon Platinum legitimately. You will need to migrate it from the Hoenn games to the Pal Park or trade for it.

no but you must take with you a ds Pokemon pearl or diamond. then when you get platinum you will have to trade it from the other games.

yes. you can trade Pokemon from diamond, pearl, or platinum to heartgold or soulsilver.

to get the old Pokemon into Platinum you trade them in from old games after you get the National Pokedex using the Dual Slot in the DS you put a gameboy game in and trade 6 Pokemon per game per day.

you cant you can get one by link cable(trade)from Pokemon d/p/pt(dimaomnd,pearl or platinum)you can trade from Pokemon diamond,pearl or platinum. soulsilver and heartgold are compatible with those games

you cant transfer from old games or trade from diamond.

yes you can by doing a spin trade with another Pokemon platinum user

You cannot trade, but you can use the relocator with two ds's and transfer Pokemon from platinum to white

you can transfer Pokemon from Pokemon platinum to black and white but you can't trade from black to platinum

like all other Pokemon games, trade a Pokemon holding one

you can not get it from Pokemon platinum you can trade in to diamond or pearl

go to the union room and trade same thing u do in all the games!

Sadly you can't as you can catch rare Pokemon fairly easily on Pokemon ranger and it would be cheating especially with those rare legendaries. Although you can trade heartgold, soulsilver, pearl, and diamond with platinum. You can also trade Pokemon from earlier generation games using your internet.

you have to do the mission in Pokemon rangers(manaphy egg mission)and trade it to your platinum you can get phione by breeding manaphy with ditto at the day care.(its not fair to have 2 games for just a Pokemon in platinum)

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