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Netas Association.

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It has not been confirmed or denied by Konnan himself whether he's in or has ever been in Ñetas Association.

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Q: What gang is TNA Wrestler Konnan in?
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What gang is TNA Wrestler Homicide in?

Netas Association.

Is rey mysterio aganster?

Rey Mysterio is a Gangster all the way, but he's not in a gang. However one of his closest friends who is also a wrestler named Konnan is or atleast was in a gang from what Konnan himself said. I'm not sure what gang Konnan is or was in but I heard he's either a Latin King or a Neta.

Is Rey Mysterio in a gang?

No Rey Mysterio is not in a gang or atleast he has never stated himself being in a gang, but some of his closest friends are in gangs like the wrestler named Konnan. Konnan is a Puerto Rican/Cuban wrestler who is one of Rey Mysterios closest friends and he stated himself he was in a gang I think Konnans either a Latin King or a Neta.

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