What gangs are in Miami?

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The city of Miami or Florida in general is very unique when it comes to the gang culture. Florida doesn't have Bloods, Crips, Folk Nation, People Nation, or any other gangs like that. Most of the gangs in Florida are gangs started by people from different countries who migrate to the larger cities like Miami, and create gangs. Zoe Pound is Florida's largest street gang.

Gangs In Florida:

Trinitarios(Dominican gang).

Dominicans Don't Play a.k.a. DDP(Dominican gang).

Netas Association(Puerto Rican gang).

Mara Salvatrucha(Salvadoran gang).

Wah Ching(Chinese gang).

Zoe Pound(Haitian gang).

Jamaican Posse(Jamaican gang).

What's so unique about Floridas gang culture, that's different from gangs anywhere else, is that the gangs in Florida don't really wear bandanas, they wear flags of their country in which the gang and or it's members originate from. Although some gangs started by a certain race, they allow membership of all races.


Zoe Pound(wear the Haitian flag).

Jamaican Posse(wear the Jamaican flag).

Trinitarios(wear the Dominican flag).

Netas Association(wear the Puerto Rican flag).

Mara Salvatrucha(wear the El Salvador flag).

Wah Ching(wear the China flag).

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Q: What gangs are in Miami?
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