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Magnesium : P

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Q: What gas produces a brilliant white light in neon lights?
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This element burns with a brilliant white light?

Magnesium burns with a brilliant white light.

What lights light up on the rear brake light on a 2000 Dodge ram what are the white on the light for?

The white parts of the tail lights are the reverse lights.

Do black lights have neon in them?

No; a black light or UV light is a light bulb that has a phosphor coating that blocks out nearly all light and produces a dark violet colour and produces UV radiation, this can then be used to make fluorescent,phosphor coated or white coloured objects glow.

How laser pointers work?

Laser lights have certain characteristics that allow it to seperate from regulare white light. The light is colored because it is organized light. It also contains a specific wavelength which produces the colored light.

Why do blue lights and yellow light combine to produce white lights?

Actually they combine to produce white light because they are both complementary colors of light. :)

What color lights are moths attracted to?

UV lights and white light works.

When was In a Brilliant White created?

In a Brilliant White was created in 2002.

Why do some towers have white lights and some towers have red lights?

search towers has white light and high buildings has red lights

What is an example sentence with the word brilliant?

The brilliant glow of the light drew them to the building. It was a brilliant deduction that solved the case.

What color is the fire when magnesium burns?

Burning magnesium will result in a brilliant white light.

Is a ghost near you if you see a white light?

No. White lights are not an indication of ghosts.

What colors are in white lights?

Scientifically, white light is defined as a mix of all visible wavelengths, but the light from mixing red, green and blue lights reflect back in such a way that it is percieved by our eyes as being white light.

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