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white light doesn't produce interference patterns because white light is the entire spectrum of light. only light of a singular frequency produces interference patterns. white light does actually produce interference patterns but because there are so many frequencies involved the patterns blend with each other and are not detectable by eye.

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Q: Is white light produces interference pattern?
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What is the interference fringe pattern of white light?

The interference of white light creates a spectra. The different wave lengths are each diffracted to a different extent causing successive interference of the colors

Can visible light produce interference Fringes.Explain?

yes, white light can produce interferance fringes because white colour consist of seven colours each spectral colour produces its own interferance fringes pattern.

What color is next to white and what is the farthest from white in the interference pattern when a source of white light is used in Young's Double Slit experiment?

I think the farthest color next to white is red

Why white light can not be used in interference?

White light consists of a mixture of many different colors. Each color will have different interference patterns, making observation difficult.

Why do you not see constructive and destructive interference of white light?

Because there are too many wave lengths to overlap.

What gas produces a brilliant white light in neon lights?

Magnesium : P

What produces white light?

a prism probably its when a sun light rays hit a prism and a range of colors appear i also think a spectrum produces light :D hope its helps.............. x

A thin film appears cyan when illuminated with white light the color being cancelled by destructuve interference is?


A thin film appears cyan when illuminated with white light the color being cancelled by destructive interference is?


According to physics what is the construction of rainbow?

White light is made by all the colours creating constructive interference. When light passes through water, the light is refracted but they are all refracted differently creating a spectrum of the colours making white light, a rainbow.

When magnesium burn in air whai happens?

its produces a bright light which is hard to look at and when the reaction is finished it produces a white powder hope this helps

Why does black color appear black while white color appear white?

A black object absorbs light- black is actually an ABSENCE of light. White, on the other hand, REFLECTS all colors- which, when blended, produces white.

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